Best Cricket Bankroll Management – How To Grow your Money

Cricket Bankroll Management

If you are looking to bet on cricket seriously then this is the perfect place for you to learn. The first thing that comes that you need is a betting bank. Across North America, online sports betting is becoming very common these days. Betting on various online cricket websites enables you to make money also. These days gamblers love the adventure of high risk games and applying high bets for the same.

In this article we will look into a detailed guide related to bankroll management in cricket and how to earn money. In our daily lives many of us set the monthly budget and end up spending money accordingly. Similarly, it is very important to figure out the amount that you are willing to invest in gambling. And therefore, bankroll management came into existence. Bankroll management is the key strategy that any gambler can learn to earn money. You can start betting effectively with any amount that you can manage effectively.

For example: you have Rs. 10,000 and want to start online cricket betting. Suppose India vs USA cricket match is going, and you think with a very positive instinct that India will win the match. Would it be a good idea to bet all Rs.10.000 on India, even if you thought they were a value bet? If you are not having any understanding of bankroll management strategy then you can land into loss of money. Never choose any bet size without thinking about your total bankroll and total betting value. Don’t let  your emotions decide how much to wager on a single cricket bet.

Bankroll Management Strategies To Grow Your Money

Cricket is quite different from football and other big sports. And therefore, its betting structure is also different. The time period of a cricket match ranges from a few hours to five days. Result of a cricket match is quite unpredictable as it includes so many rules and regulations to follow that ultimately affects the score. If you want to achieve big in the market then it is very important to have reliable bankroll strategies.

1. Access the risk factor by adjusting bet size:  

Bankroll management acts as the risk assessor by adjusting the bet size after considering the probability margin which your value betting strategy has identified.. A well-implemented cricket bankroll management strategy makes you more risk-averse through a steady increment of bet sizes, which are always in proportion to your total bankroll.

2. Find the best money management system:

These days so many fraudster systems are established. There are so many targeting punters and other gamblers too. Martingale system, fixed staking plan, variable staking – what is the best bankroll management system for cricket?  Lets study the most common money management systems and their risks.

  • Martingale betting strategy in cricket

The Martingale betting system is a very high-risk method and it requires bettors to increase their bet size by 2X after every loss until a win comes. This strategy is not recommended by us if you are not a risk lover.

  • Fixed staking plan

The idea of the fixed staking plan, also known as flat betting, is to place the equal amounts of stake on every bet without considering betting value. A common approach for cricket bettors following this strategy is to stake a fixed percentage of their bankroll on every bet.

Suppose you have a bankroll amount of Rs.10,000 and a fixed bet strategy of 5%. This means, your first bet size is of Rs. 500. If the bet is loser then bettor will decreases bet size to Rs. 475, which corresponds to 5% of remaining Rs 9500. The fixed stake betting strategy is a good money management system for a fresh bettor. This enables you to have low risk and the fixed betting strategy also provides room for making mistakes

3. Kelly criterion:

This bankroll strategy is popular among professional cricket bettors. It have various advanced features such as adjusting stake size in the basis of bet value. This means, higher the positive expected value an odds include, the greater the bet size will be. To implement this bankroll strategy, it is very important to know about the whole process prior to entering into  betting.

How to grow money using a bankroll management system?

Every other cricket bettor wants to earn money. This is the primary goal of any bettor who enters into cricket betting. To earn money consistently through cricket betting requires research and methodologies. To become a successful bettor, you need to back your interest to bet on cricket online with some calculated hard work and time-tested methodologies.

1. Read About Cricket and Its Betting Markets:

Cricket is the most widely played sports game. Cricket has a very deep history in India. Its longer existence offers so many data points that helps to study the game in a better way. Keep yourself updated with full knowledge of cricket by studying through different portals like Crickex and by reading blogs published by bookmakers and cricket pundits.

2. Select a Reputed Bookmaker:

There are so many examples  where people have won cricket bets but not received their money. There are so many fraudster online bookmakers whose space is swarmed with phony bookmakers who will fraud you and run away with your money.

3. Analyze Past Performances of Both Teams

Good bookmakers always have specialized teams that develop odds by considering several factors such as past performance. You can check the past performances of teams by referring to their head-to-head records.

4. Set a Limit and Do Not Overshoot

Betting is all about the control that you can put. You should know when to bet and when to stop as no one will give you guarantee about winning probability and getting your money back. It is really important to put limits at every instance, nor that if you have won once, you will win again.


Cricket Bankroll Management is the process of allocating and managing your funds while betting. A profitable, long-term, and more enjoyable sports betting experience requires proper bankroll management. Proper cricket bankroll management can extend the life of your bets and catapult you to the top of the professional betting world. While money is a personal matter, and everyone spends it differently, there are several simple rules that can assist bettors avoid blowing their bankroll. To begin with, players should never put wagers with funds they cannot afford to lose. Every wager is a chance, and money set aside for entertainment should be used to build a betting account.

One of the most critical components of being a good sports bettor is managing your bankroll. It guarantees that your bankroll is protected over time, which is when winning sports bettors make money. Setting an appropriate unit size is the first step toward excellent bankroll management, but depending on your confidence level, various betting methods will allow you to increase your wager amount. Finally, keep note of your outcomes so you can see which areas you shine at and which ones you need to work on. Make sure you are utilizing your bankroll strategies in order to earn more money through cricket betting.

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