Legally illegal, but you can bet on cricket online in India

Online Betting Legal in India

India is a country where we have a population more than 1.4 Bn and so many people are into gambling. Every other Indian loves to watch cricket and there is one question that comes to the mind whether betting in India is legal or not?

If we search this question on google then we will see so many websites that focus on the legality of betting. In the late 80s and 90s, there was a trend of offline snookers and offline betting for every game. With advancement in technology there are more than 1000 websites that support online betting. These betting websites are easily accessible and gone are the days of dial up modems. With a single click from our smartphone we can access online betting. But the question still remains, whether this online betting is legal in India or not?

With a population of over a billion people, it’s reasonable to assume that cricket and Bollywood are more than just forms of entertainment in India. Indians adore cricket, both playing and watching it. Similarly, they aspire to star alongside their idols, such as Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, in the biggest blockbusters. While there can be no question about the legitimacy of releasing Bollywood films, the same cannot be said for the Indian gambling sector. The key question on everyone’s mind is whether or not online gambling is permitted in India.

In most of India, betting or gambling is prohibited. However, there is no rule that makes online betting unlawful. Remote betting organizations are allegedly exploiting this problem to get Indians to wager on almost anything. The Indian Premier League is currently at the top of their lists, and some websites have even partnered with virtual betting firms to allow Indians to place bets online.

Is betting legal in India?

As per public gambling Act of 1867, all types of gambling are illegal in India.This simplifies that all forms of betting is illegal in India. IPL betting is one of the hottest topic among Indians during the IPL season. Gamblers in India are permitted to place bets on the games that contain skills and sadly cricket is not a part of this. We have seen that lotteries and betting on horse racing is witnessed in the country. This is quite contradicting why some games are legal or why some are not?

This contradiction lets us find another way to discuss legalization of betting region wise.

The north-eastern state such as Sikkim is inclined towards the legalization of online betting. Sikkim opened their very first casino in 2009 and there were lottery games initially. Goa is a state that is poker hub of india. You will find so many luxury water cruises such as Casino Daddy and Deltin Royale. If you are planning to go Goa for a casino then you should definitely visit the above stated casinos.

Gambling Regulations According To Indian Territory

Each state of India has their own laws and regulations and gambling is not an exception. There are different regional rules and regulations for gambling and online betting such as:

TelanganaThe Telangana Gambling Act of 2017. Sets a ban on betting shops and casinos, no mention of online activities.
MaharashtraOnline sports betting is in a “gray area”. Note that at the same time totalizators and lotteries are legal in full.
Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh Gambling Act. It was amended in 2020 and bans all forms of gambling, with no mention of online betting.
KarnatakaKarnataka State Police Act. This act banned land-based gambling establishments.
Uttar PradeshThe regulations of the territory establish a ban on absolutely all forms of offline betting. There is no mention of online.

The Union Territories such as Daman & Diu and Goa are the first in India to legalize gambling houses. After Goa, Sikkim is the second state to legalize gambling. Overall, it must be concluded that online betting is legal in India. If we want to avoid problems related to licensing then always try a licensed platform.

Important Factors Consider While Choosing Any Online Betting Site.

There are so many things that you should check before entering into any betting website. Make sure that website has the right license such as UKGC, MGA and Curacao. These licenses are found in the footer and header section of the website. Licensed websites also enable you to play the right games with complete security and safety. You will be providing financial and personal details. Good licensed websites are renowned for their privacy and security. Before signing on any website check its customer support and other ways to contact the team for any problem.

Going back to the initial argument of whether betting is legal in India, the answer is that while there are doubts on the legality of online gambling, check this through region specific operators. Online gambling will increase more in India in coming years, because it is expected that bookmakers can make their way to india.


Gambling is legal in a number of countries, yet there is a clear distinction between skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling. It has a long history and tradition in India, where some lottery tournaments are legal. Illegal gambling can result in a fine of up to 500 rupees as well as a brief jail sentence in some cases. The British, on the other hand, forbade gambling in India under their colonial control with the 1867 Public Gambling Act. By outlawing “betting houses,” this law made it illegal for Indian citizens to use or offer public gambling services. However, because the law does not mention the internet (in fact, the internet had not yet been developed in 1867), it does not apply to online gambling businesses.

The cause for this is due to geography. While physical betting shops and bookies in India may be illegal, the majority of online betting services and sportsbooks are domiciled and hosted outside of India and thus are not subject to Indian legislation. The internet is not a real location.


Furthermore, while online casinos and sportsbooks created and controlled by Indian individuals may violate any state-imposed gambling laws, international enterprises catering to Indian customers are fine. They can also accept deposits and payouts in Indian rupees and provide services in Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, and Gujarati (just to name a few). This loophole may appear strange and harmful to Indian firms and the local economy, but that is what the law allows.

If the Indian government had truly meant to make online betting illegal, they might have simply drafted a legislation outlawing it. That has never happened before. As a result, Indian individuals are free to register on online gambling sites and wager on cricket and other sports without fear of breaking the law. Indian betting law does not make any mention of online betting as it was made many years before the invention of the internet. Each state in India may decide whether they want to impose laws on online betting or not And so far, only a few states in India have made laws against online betting.

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