Over/Under Betting Guide | How to bet on Totals explained

Over Under Betting Guide

People who are into the betting industry might be aware about the top innovation i.e addition of over/under bet. The classic sports bet depends upon the winning of the team and other exciting outcomes to wager on.  Understanding over/under, often referred to as “totals’ ‘ in the betting world, the over/under bet gives you a ton of flexibility by enabling you to bet on the flow of the game. The total in any given sport game is a combined score of both teams. Oddsmaker is responsible for setting the total number for both the teams. It depends on how they envision a game from a scoring perspective. As a bettor, you have the ability to select the total number of points that are scored by both the teams.

This betting is independent of the actual game outcome. Best way to wager on this sport is by betting on how many total points you think will be scored in a game? This type of betting is known as Over/Under betting or bet on totals. In this detailed guide, we will introduce you to the basics of over/under bet type in detail. We will discuss more of all advanced strategies and concepts that you require to understand the payouts and benefits of using over/under bet

Let’s delve into the guide to understand over/under bet in detail.

How Does Over/Under Betting Work?

Over/under betting is one of the easiest and profitable bets that is available on almost every sport. Oddsmaker calculates the performance of each team and then combines those numbers into one hypothesis of how many total points will be scored by both teams.

Following are the key points to consider while over/under betting works.

A bet on the over/under line in any sports game is a wager that is dependent on total points scored in the game. In any basketball game, the total bet is 5.5. If any bet takes place over, then it will only win if both teams score a total six or more points and bet on the under will win if both teams score a total of five or less points.

You can bet on total points in any situation of the game, it is independent of the type of sport you are playing and no matter whether the team is dominant or not.

The number of odds in over and under are the same and casinos always try to set a line that attracts equal actions from both under and over bets.

The number of odds on over/under bets are usually -110 with an extra 10% as casino’s commission and this is known as Dime Line.

Thumb rule enables you to go closer to the dime line with ton -110%. And there is exception of line such as  O -105 / U -115. Or even O +105 / U -125.

Over/Under Betting Strategy

People who are fond of betting games in the sports industry, decision making approach at every step is very necessary if they want to win the game. The more you indulge into studying different strategies of over/under bet, the stronger your decision making approach will focussed towards your emotions. Let’s discuss some good strategies that you should consider while doing over/under betting.

Before playing you should analyze both teams in terms of their nature whether they are offensive or defensive, check their power hitters and their ability to guarantee more runs.

If you have a suggestion about each team on the basis of their statistics then you should utilize this data to make a decisive strategy.

You need to be smart enough to check the collective score and whether it is more or less than the oddsmaker total score. And if you are willing to make a bet then the over/under bet might change.

For example- In a hockey game, instead of just seeing how often the two teams score, consider how many shots on goal they generate on the road or at home. Do they generate most of the shots at 5v5 or on the powerplay? If you spot an edge here, compare it to how many penalty minutes the other team takes on average per game.

What is the payout on an Over/Under bet? 

In over/under bets, we have a vig of -110 on both over and under bet. This vig is also known as flat rate. For every $1000 you wish to win you must wager $110 – or a payout of 91 cents for every $1 wagered.

So many times, it is the sportsbook that adjusts the vig on the over/under bet to temp on one side.  If a book has taken a lot of money on the Over 53 (-110) and little money on the Under 53 (-110), then they may change the vig to Over 53 (-115)/Under 53 (-105).

This process gives you payout of around 95 cents for every $1 wagered and induces action on the under bet, balancing the money bet on either side of the Over/Under and ensuring a return on investment for the sportsbook regardless of the result.

How is an over/under determined?

It is really important to project the outcome of any game And projecting the score is of course a very important thing to do. Odds will move to the money section and a correlation in the spread is witnessed.  You can check the overall total of the team and winning money comes from marginal outcomes.

How Does An Overtime Game Impact Totals?

If a game goes to an overtime situation, then the over/under bet behaves like any other bet that is looking at the final score value. It does not depend on multiple overtimes of any game. It is said that NFL overtime is the worst enemy of  UNDER bettor but the best friend of Over bettor. Therefore, it is necessary for both the teams to get the chance to touch the ball. If anyone will get the ball first and score, then others will get their chances too.


In the above guide we understood about the Over/Under bets that are also known as total bets.

Over/under betting is an excellent option that any bettor can have. This betting is not for everyone because of lowest-vig markets offered by sportsbooks. Bettors are interested in building mathematical models that help them to beat the totals. Totals have clear inputs that are applied to the model for more efficiency.  The most basic type over/under bet is on the score of two teams.

Here, bettors will wager and the total number of points earned in the game will be higher or lower than over/under for the game. After this, we understood some basic strategies that everyone should know when they are planning to do over/under betting. In any betting, payout ratio is really very important and over/under bet also has a very good payout. This was the detailed guide for Over/Under bet. If you are looking to make the bets then hurry and sign up with us

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