A Brief History of How Cricket Sport Started

This post includes a brief history of cricket. It talks the beginning steps, the first occurrence, and its current position as a sport.

Cricket is a well-known sport. That is playing regularly in many places around the world. What used to be a fun activity for kids is now one of the most popular sports in the world. It is most popular in India, Australia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the British Isles. But it is also popular in other places.

Cricket has a lot of fans all over the world these days. Betting on this sport is popular with people everywhere. Because of this, websites about Cricket sports can help people. Despite, who likes the game by giving them advice and information.

Many people think that Cricket Sport was based on baseball. Cricket, however, has been around for a long time. Although, many other games with a bat and a ball may have come from it. In light of this, here is a short history of cricket.

The Beginning Steps:

Most people agree that cricket, or at least a version, has been around since the 13th century. Historians think that young people in villages in southern England used to bowl at a tree stump or at the hurdle gate that led into a sheep corral. This idea is based on facts from the past.

The gate was made from two uprights and a crossbar. That was all put in the right slots. “Bail” is used to describe the gate’s crossbar. At the same time, “wicket” was used to describe the gate. The boys’ ball was made from a stone weighing 150 and 160 grams. Even though it is the same weight, it has always been.

The biggest change is that leather balls are now used in Cricket sports instead of stones. You wouldn’t believe how many things have, for the most part, stayed the same since then. Over time, this activity was first meant for kids. This cricket became more formal and was ruled as an international sport.

The First Occurrence:

Cricket was first talked about as a sport in the late 1500s. It was brought up in court in Guildford, Surrey, England, during a dispute over who owned a piece of land. The trial was happening in England.

A coroner named John Derrick was 59 years old at the time. He said that he and his friends had played a game called “crecketta” in that area 50 years before. Back then, Cricket Sport was mostly seen as game boys played. But the first time adults were said to have played cricket was in 1611. Two men in Sussex were imprisoned only for playing cricket on Sunday instead of attending church. It took place in Sussex County.

In 1744, the first set of written rules for the game of cricket was made. At that time, played cricket everywhere in the British colonies, and it was a very popular spectator sport. At the beginning of the 18th century, the East India Trading Company brought Cricket Sport to India. By 1788, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia had cricket.

Today’s Game of Cricket:

The rules of Cricket Sport have changed a lot since 1697. When the first game with 11 players on each team was playing in Sussex, England. By the 1800s, cricket was playing in new places, and national and international tournaments were set up.

The ICC, or Imperial Cricket Conference, was started in 1909 and is still going strong today. The places that used to be British colonies like the modern version of cricket. But recently, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, and Ireland are among the countries that have joined the International Criminal Court.

Cricket Sport has become a national sport in many countries, such as India. The Indian Premier League and the Indian Cricket League are just two examples of sports leagues in India. Cricket is a great sport to watch today, both live and on TV. Even so, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is always trying to improve and expand its cricket program because this sport is becoming increasingly popular.


Cricket went from being a game for kids to being a game for boys to becoming one of the most popular international sports played today. So, cricket is now one of the most popular sports around the globe. Cricket Sport has a long and storied history; during that time, it changed in many ways. Even though the basics of this game have stayed mostly the same, now the new laws are part of this game. Even now, cricket is still changing, and no one knows what the next few decades will bring for this sport. 

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