An Ultimate Guide to Mastering The Catching Skills In Cricket

Cricket is one such game that requires every player to maintain proper accuracy and speed on the field, especially while taking catches.

Guide to Mastering The Catching Skills In Cricket

Cricket is one such game that requires every player to maintain proper accuracy and speed on the field, especially while taking catches. You might think that only batting and bowling are the essential skills required to become a perfect cricketer. The unnoticed fact is that sharpening your catching skills can help your team gain many match-winning moments and elevate your way of playing cricket to a new level. 

Before knowing the key techniques and drills to improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and fielding skills, it is important to figure out the reasons why a majority of fielders struggle to catch a ball with perfection. This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable insights about how to take a high-flying catch or grab the ball by making your reflexes faster. It’s time that you get ready to step into the exciting session to strengthen your catching skills and become one of the core players for your team. 

Reasons for a fielder’s poor catching ability or dropped catches 

One of the main reasons why several fielders fail to take catches properly is because of the lack of hand-eye coordination. If you’re facing the same issue then it is essential to maintain a consistent practice and focus. This technique gradually improves your timing accuracy helps to track the movement of the ball and helps to get your hands in a perfect position to catch the ball. 

At times, it can become challenging to make a successful catch by misjudging the speed or motion of the ball

If you have any fear of making a mistake, or negative experiences occurred in your past, then it can spoil your performance. The ultimate solution is to build confidence and practice in such an environment where you can find a great strength of coordination (surrounded by trained individuals to provide crucial guidance) so that you can overcome the obstacles and improve your catching ability.  

Most importantly, you need to overcome mental pressure to avoid drop catches. Typically, when you’re anxious or nervous, it becomes difficult to maintain concentration and focus on grabbing a catch. You need to keep your nerves under control and shouldn’t have any fear of letting your team down at any cost.  

If players are feeling exhausted due to hot and humid conditions or playing matches for long hours without any break, then it becomes challenging to react faster on the field as well as to grab a catch with accuracy. At times, becoming fatigued can slow down your reflexes and reduce hand-eye coordination, which results in dropping even the simplest catches. You need to take proper rest to exhibit an active performance during the match to take challenging catches successfully. 

Important Tips and Tricks to master the catching skills in cricket 

These are the important tricks you need to implement in your daily training sessions to maximize your catching abilities in cricket: 

1. Orthodox Cup Position: 

Typically, the orthodox cup is the catching grip used to catch balls approaching equal or below your chest height. In this position, you need to keep your position low and balanced with feet wider than the shoulder distance apart and ensure to keep your knees bent. You should be prepared to warm up in any direction to grab an approaching catch.

Hold your hands in such a position that your palm faces in an upward position and your inner palm touches the ball, by making sure that your thumb and fingers are extended. Your hands should be in such a way that the largest surface area should be covered to catch the ball. As the ball approaches, keep your hands in a cup-shaped position to catch the ball rather than completely extending your arms to avoid facing an injury. You need to draw your hands closer to maintain the grip on the ball and never allow getting out of your control. 

2. High Catches: 

To grab higher catches, you need to place your hands in a reverse cup position. This involves forming a web-like structure to interlock your thumb and index fingers. In other words, you should hold your hands together and the inner surface of the palm should face outwards. Although a reverse cup is useful for taking high catches, there might be certain situations such as taking the running catch, where you have to implement the orthodox cup position. 

However, when you are taking high catches, you should position yourself by standing with your knees bent. Furthermore, your vision should be completely on the approaching ball by shouting either calling your name or saying “mine”. This helps avoid confusion and bumping with other fielders and prevents a dropped catch. 

As soon as you catch the ball, pull your hands towards the shoulder to control the path of the faster ball. 

3. Positions to take Lower Catches: 

In contrast to high catches, you should move toward the approaching ball instead of standing still. Most importantly, you should observe the moment of the batter at the striker’s end. This approach helps to build pressure on the batting side and lowers their attacking mode.   

Your knees must be bent, so that you can easily turn your body according to the direction the ball comes near you. It is important to practice lower catches frequently in your training session to make your reflexes faster. One of the simplest techniques includes lowering your non-dominant knee to the ground in such a way that it leans toward the ball. At the same time, make sure that your other foot is flat on the ground and your toes should point towards the dominant side. This helps your hands get easily aligned as the ball comes closer towards you. 

Finally, you will be able to scoop the ball with an orthodox cup before it bounces on the ground, to take one of the amazing catches of your life. 

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