BCCI Hints at Increasing IPL Games in 2023-27 Cycle

Discover the BCCI hints at increasing IPL games in 2023-27 cycle in this post.

With the Indian Premier League (IPL) new media rights electronic auction just around the corner, the BCCI has hinted at expanding the money-rich tournament to multiple games per season in the 2023-27 cycle.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) joined two other Indian Premier League (IPL) teams at the stadium this year. With 10 teams including Gujarat Titans (GT) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), the number of IPL games also increased; 74 were played in the 2022 build. Nevertheless, BCCI plans to make the IPL much larger.

As the new phase begins from the next IPL season, the BCCI will increase the number of IPL games for the 2023-27 phase to 410, with incremental increases in the number of games every two years.

The BCCI plans 74 IPL games in the 2023 and 2024 seasons. However, 84 games will take place in the next two seasons. According to reports from Criccbuzz, the final 2027 season could have 94 games in a single edition.

In addition, the alleged plan was outlined and shared with potential bidders for IPL’s broadcasting and media rights. Unlike this cycle, the 2023-27 phase will likely have 410 games rather than 370.

94 IPL games could be played in the final season of the 2023-27 cycle

It has been noted that while there will be 74 IPL games in the first two years of the news cycle, 2023 and 2024, there will be 84 games over the next two years. In the fifth and final season of the cycle, that could be 94, although the BCCI has also left open the option of 84 games. However, it is believed that the bidders were advised to follow the calculation of 410 games and not 370.

Cricbuzz had reported on May 6 about the lack of clarity in the ITT about the number of games played each season and cumulatively over five seasons and how those who bought the ITT asked for clarification. document.

However, it’s unclear how the BCCI/IPL will break down the number of IPL games played by each team so the numbers 84 and 94 add up perfectly. It is likely that with 94 IPL games each team will play twice home and away; the regular format followed by the four play-offs and that will make a big number.

BCCI needs to develop a formula

However, just like this 74-game season, the BCCI will have to come up with a formula for an 84-game edition. Currently, the league is divided into two virtual groups of five teams each; with each team playing four others from its group twice; four from the other group once against four, and the remaining team twice. Four qualifiers add up to 74. In the case of 84, the formula could be twice against each team from the first group, twice against two from the other group; and once against the remaining three.

With 84 games per season, the formula could be twice against the four members of their group; twice against two teams from the other group, and once against three members of the other group.

Meanwhile, with 94 IPL games played, we can expect each team to play every other team in the league twice; making it a back-and-forth.

This has yet to be clarified, but there is no ambiguity in the number of games for the Non-Exclusive Special Pack (C) when the number of games increases in a season. As previously reported, the special package would include 18 games for a 74-game season. It is now known that there will be 20 games for an 84-game season and 22 games for a 94-game edition. In total, the number of Package C games is 96 over five years, including each season’s opening game, playoffs, and doubleheader night games.

The football style in IPL

There has been a lot of discussion about the big window for the Indian league. Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of India; recently floated the idea of ​​having two periods of IPL in a single year.

Shastri said: “It could be tomorrow: 140 IPL games, split 70-70 over two seasons. you never know. That’s how it’s going to go. This is how it evolves as a pet animal. And you can’t hide from that.”

Similarly, Aakash Chopra, a cricket analyst, followed Shastri’s approach at the time. Chopra quotes, “I anticipate there could be two editions of the IPL in each calendar year. And that’s not too far away.”

In addition, there are no official clarifications regarding the extension of the IPL games. But the board’s approach clearly expresses its intention to make the IPL much more than it is for now.

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