Black Duck In Cricket – Is This A Unique Concept Of Duck Out?

Being a cricket enthusiast have you ever heard of the black duck in cricket?

What is a black duck in cricket? Is this a unique concept of duck out?  

Being a cricket enthusiast have you ever heard of the black duck in cricket? It is a humorous expression to refer to a batsman getting out which isn’t widely used.

While you’re familiar with the concept of duck, the term black duck isn’t officially recognized by any cricket association in the world.

Typically, a duck in cricket is known when a batter is dismissed without scoring any runs. It is because the number “0” represents the egg of a duck.

Perhaps, the black duck in cricket is used to represent the different types of misfortunes, and it is expected that the terminology will soon be familiarised in the world of cricket in the upcoming years. Over the years, the concept of duck has shown many variations in cricket.

Despite, its lack of formal acknowledgement, the occasional use of the term “Black Duck” adds a new twist to the concept and intensifies the heated debate and confusion among all cricket fans.

Moreover, the black duck in cricket highlights the disappointment of a batter failing to score runs frequently.

Earlier, terms like Golden Duck and Silver Duck weren’t popular but soon came into existence. Likewise, you can expect black ducks in cricket to get familiar in the upcoming days or years.

To clarify in simpler words, the term “black”  just adds a sense of humour to the context of duck out in cricket. It exhibits a batter’s emotions after failing to open up the innings.

Black Duck in Cricket: 9 Different Types of Ducks in Cricket

These 9 different types can define the upcoming concept of black duck in cricket by having a unique variety of dismissals namely:

1. Golden Duck: 

A batter experiences the most painful moments of a Golden Duck after the dismissal for their first ball of the innings faced. It is a fact that every batter fears of not getting out of the very first ball.

From the Olympic point of view the term “Golden” refers to the first position to get the gold medal. Maybe, the term might be named to refer to the first ball of the innings in cricket.

2. Silver Duck: 

The Silver Duck is another less popular term in cricket which experts use to indicate a batter’s dismissal on the second ball they face. Though people don’t care about the second place, sometimes commentators use it as a legitimate phrase.

3. Bronze Duck:

If the Golden or Silver type was bad, then the Bronze Duck is the worst. A  batsman returns to the pavilion after getting out by facing their third ball.

4. Diamond Duck:

A Diamond duck is a unique and rare type of dismissal a batter experiences in the sport of cricket without even facing a single legal delivery such as:

  • Run out
  • Timed out
  • Obstructing the field

5. Royal Duck:

The term Royal Duck became popular after the most reputed Ashes test series. It is a label that indicates the dismissal of opening batters off the very first ball they face in the Marquee series between Australia and England.

6. Laughing Duck:

A laughing duck in cricket refers to a disheartening moment for a batter when their innings conclude with the dismissal of a “hit wicket” without even scoring a run. 

7. A Pair:

When a batter returns to the pavilion after facing ducks in both innings of the same match is called “A Pair” in cricket.

8. King Pair:

A King Pair is a rare dismissal of a batsman’s dismissal of golden duck in both the innings of the same match.

9. Batting Hattrick:

The rarest dismissal in cricket would perhaps be a batting hat trick. It specifies the sequence of three dismissals in three balls of consecutive test innings. In other terms, it refers to the hat trick of golden duck dismissals.

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Conclusive Facts about Black Duck in Cricket: Its Future Popularity

Ultimately, cricket is a reputed sport that introduces unique concepts by adapting to the latest trends, technologies and playing conditions. Possibly, the black duck can add depth and meaning to existing terminology.

Here are the possibilities of how black duck in cricket could become effective and used as an official term to mark these unusual or rare dismissals off the first ball: 

  • Retired Hurt without facing a ball
  • Hitting the ball twice to protect their wicket
  • Handling the ball
  • Becoming a golden duck out on illegal delivery like no ball- run out, for obstructing the field, or hitting the ball twice

Furthermore, there are possibilities of higher officials in cricket combining the above variations of duck outs in cricket to officially define in a single word as “Black Duck” in future.

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