Cricket’s Top 5 Reverse Swing Bowlers in 2022

This article compiles a list of the top 5 bowlers who will be the king of reverse swing in 2022. If you want to learn more about them, keep reading!

Reverse swing bowling is a fascinating part of cricket. Everyone loves to see the ball travel toward the batsman and suddenly tail away from him. Reverse swing bowling is a subtype of fast bowling. Cricket history is full of the best reverse swing bowlers. Reverse swing bowling involves causing the ball to move in the air. However, the reason behind its effectiveness is that the change in the ball’s trajectory usually deceives the batters and causes them to play a wrong shot unmerited to the delivery. Here in this article, we gather a list of the top 5 bowlers who are the king of reverse swing in 2022.

Trent Boult:

Don’t fall for his sweet smile. It is just a menacing masquerade of what lies under a deadly blend of swing and pace. Undeniably Trent Boult will be one of the finest reverse swing bowlers in 2022. He can swing the ball into the Batter, leaving him with very little room and timing to swing his willow. Trent Boult is an impactful bowler who maintains a stringent line and length and is often capable of putting manacles on the hand of the best. Fortunately, he has made 292 hunts from 73 Test matches and 169 ODI. He is also a dealt-over specialist and can frustrate the Batter with an insane amount of swing and Yorkers.

James Anderson:

He beat Broad to get a place in the top five reverse swing bowlers. James Anderson is approaching the test wicket record of Ian Botham, and it is not difficult to see why. He has the purest bowling action of all the bowlers on this list. A smooth run-in and a perfect wrist position provide him exceptional control, a decent pace, and long spells. Anderson has every trick that includes in the manual of reverse swing bowler. It includes the hooping out-swinger, the darting in-swinger, and the canny use of reverse swing as the ball deteriorates. 

England’s cricket team depends on him for crucial wickets, and he rarely fails to deliver. The rise of the England team to the top of the world rankings is due to his wicket-taking ability. He was still performing great when the team fell away. Of course, he is one of those bowlers who will go down in history as the finest England bowler. He is one of the best reverse swing bowlers of all time.

Mohammad Shami:

He is an expert Reverse swing bowler. Mohammad Shami brought New Zealand down to its knees in the first innings of the WTC final. He will be one of the deadliest reverse swing bowlers in 2022. However, he won’t have an extraordinary physique, but what he does have is an eye for accuracy. With almost half a meter of movement on even the flattest pitches, he gets even more menacing with every passing day. Shami claims 188 Test wickets and 148ODI wickets. It will transcend him above others and come with his significant impact on cricket.

Tim Southee:

He has been excellent at bowling with Trent Boult for New Zealand in 2022. It’s the time when the team enjoyed a period of success. The 25-year-old Tim Southee has been a consistent performer. Furthermore, he currently ranks as the 7th best bowler in the world by the ICC. Although he is not especially quick, he is an intelligent bowler. The fitness and control of Southee allow him to bowl long spells on a tight off-stump line and develop pressure for his team. Southee has a classical action, naturally, swinging the ball away from the right-hand Batter. However, in his best bowling performance of 2022, he showed that he could swing the ball both ways. He captures 4 West Indian players by giving just 19 runs.

Mitchell Starc:

No one can forget the bend he put on the delivery that claimed James Vince. Undeniably, that was particularly an unplayable delivery. It left the world reeling from what the lanky Australian is capable of. Furthermore, Starc has been spearheading the bowling line-up of Australia for a while now. His towering stature was laced with a destructive run-up from a distance followed by that nasty sweet-chin music and toe-crushing Yorkers. Starc has been a part of 61 Test matches in which they capture 255 wickets. He claims 246 international wickets in the Twenty20 format of the game.


Fast bowling is a rare art, and not every single bowler is blessed with the virtue of speed. Of course, it requires plenty of factors to combine for the successful development of a pace bowler and his sustainability in the long run. Reverse swing bowlers play a great role in the victory of the team. Furthermore, add some swing to the fiery pace, and the rarest cricketers on the list compete for the pinnacle. To simplify things, a swing is the ball’s movement in either direction. It will starling the Batter about selecting any one way to take, and that too at a hurtling pace of 140 to 150 odd clicks.

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