Different Types of Cricket Shots – The Explanation Guide!

Read this post to know completely what are cricket shots and how they work.

Different types of cricket shots exist and these hits illustrate the history and evolution of a world-renowned sport. Cricketers must combine the perfect blend of technique, skill, and creativity to deliver varying shots on the field. A batter must engage cricket shots to score runs and help defend against bowling attacks.

In this article, we’ll see some of the most popular cricket shots that have been in use for years. These shots range from classical hits to present-day swings. A blend of innovation to these shots has also seen some cricket hits assume the names of cricketers. Let’s check out the most popular shots and what these hits entail in cricket.

Top Types of Cricket Shots

1. Straight Drive 

The cricket technique involves targeting a batting strike towards the ground. Batters can engage this move to disarm fielders waiting to receive a miscalculated hit while the ball moves toward an umpire’s area. The straight drive hit is difficult to catch and is one of cricket’s most classic batting shots mastered by top-notch stars.

2. Sweep 

Batsmen can release a sweeper against spin attacks in specific stances during cricket games. The batsman must assume a kneeling stance while swinging at the ball with the bat in a horizontal position. Sweeping motion from the hit can cause the ball to travel from the leg stump to the square leg area.

3. Dilscoop 

Sri Lankan batter Tillakaratne Dilshan earns the credit for creating this hit. The swinger usually adopted a low stance to swing balls over a wicketkeeper. Many opposing teams found it challenging to respond to the Dilscoop as Dilshan sent balls at unpredictable speeds toward dazed fielders.

His low stance and ‘scoop’ stance made it easy for this hit to go over opposing fielders while heading toward the boundary area.

4. Back Foot Drive  

Players can manage the back foot driving shot by placing more weight on the rear foot area while driving a pitched ball with increased power. Precision is also a very essential part of this technique, as a poorly-hit ball could swerve towards fielders.

5. Cover Drive 

Cover drive shots are only possible between the square and straight regions at the off-side of a cricket field. Batters can achieve this hit by driving balls straight through to the covers.

6. Cut 

A horizontal bat can effectively release a cut shot. The shot involves batters sending short-pitched balls out of the off-stump area. It is typically swung at the pitch’s straight line area.

7. Helicopter Shot

A helicopter shot involves batters positioning their hit upwards while attempting to get a straight sixer. Some popular cricketers to have mastered this move during their careers are Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.

8. Hook Shot 

The technique is most effective against short-pitch deliveries where batters can execute shots behind a pitch’s square leg region for a four or six.

9. Late Cut 

A horizontal bat is best suited to release a late-cut shot. In this shot, batters can easily guide their ball through a wicketkeeper to the third-man area. Poor execution of the shot can be costly and some batters have been known to avoid making late cuts to play safe against losing wickets.

10. Leg Glance 

Batters can make a wrist movement on the leg glance to send the ball toward the leg side area. Swingers can achieve this shot with a front or back foot stance to deflect balls toward the fine or square leg region.

11. Off Drive

Off-drive shots are played with a straight bat where players can swing their aim towards the long-off and mid-off region. Batters have mastered this technique over the years and continue to make improvements in its execution.

12. Periscope

This shot involves flicking the bat at a perpendicular angle to the ground while assuming a wide stance. The resulting shot can swing in different directions and may be hard for fielders to predict.

13. On Drive

On-drive shots involve hitting the ball groundward toward the long-on and mid-on pitch areas.

14. Paddle Scoop 

Doug Marillier invented the paddle scoop, and the shot is also called the Marillier Shot in some cases. It involves batters using a wrist flick to scoop the ball at high speed over fielders toward the leg side area.

15. Pull Shot 

Direct hits characterize the pull shot, as batters take a hard swing at the ball towards the deep midwicket and deep fine leg regions.

16. Ramp Shot

Ramp shots work best with balls bowled towards the chest region and batters can respond with a pace attack with this shot. Perfectly executed ramp shots are done with light handling just off the square region to create a direct, fast-paced hit.

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