How Cricket Betting Apps Works – A Detailed Guide

Take a read of this post to learn how cricket betting apps operate and learn their usage.

Cricket apps allow investors to stake varying amounts on the outcome of a match or combination of games. Many cricket betting apps are now operational but many users don’t know how these platforms work. Let’s take a look at how these cricket apps operate, their major features, and how you can navigate the software with ease.

How Do Cricket Betting Apps Work?

Cricket betting apps usually rely on a set of APIs to operate. These APIs allow online bookmakers:

Set pre-match and live odds:

Have you ever wondered how cricket betting apps update their live scores in moments? Yes, you’re not alone. These platforms rely on proven APIs hosted by a syndicate of bookmakers across sports.

It will not be uncommon to see live odds plummet or rise based on the most likely outcomes during a match. Recent events before a match can also affect pre-game odds in any direction due to this software feature.

Display live scores:

The live score function is another fascinating add-in of modern cricket apps. These apps allow you to keep tabs on match events and progress across all innings until the game ends.

Highlight match events:

Different aspects of a cricket game are easy to see through betting apps due to their advanced software integration. These apps can let you see the number of overs bowled, the leading side, the target of the second team to bat, and many other special details during a game.

Offer live viewing:

Advanced cricket bet apps now offer users a chance to watch selected games live through the app. You can monitor live games to confirm the progress of your pre-match investment or decide which team to bet on.

Features of Major Cricket Betting Apps

Direct wagers

In the old days, bettors had to wager through a bookie or agent. The wagering structure at that time meant bettors on cricket games had to rely on a human to invest in upcoming or live match outcomes. However, the advent of online cricket betting software and direct wagering means you can now place bets from your comfort zone without stress.

Direct wagering through cricket betting apps is possible via servers that allow you to stake and record your choices without hassle. The direct wager option also allows users to monitor their games without interference from any bet agent.

Instant payouts

Cricket apps now offer instant cashout during games and fast payouts after all winning bets are settled as won. Users can take advantage of this feature and avoid interference from agents or other third parties.

How to Place Bets

You can place bets on cricket apps by following these simple steps:

  • Register an account with your preferred cricket betting site,
  • Download the cricket betting app package (most brands have Android, iOS, and Web versions),
  • Enter your username and password on the app to log in,
  • Fund your account with the minimum amount you can afford,
  • Search for the team you want to bet on using the query (magnifying lens icon) button,
  • Enter the first 3 to 4 letters of any team you want to bet on to receive related results,
  • Search through all available markets to get your preferred option; tap the market you want,
  • Enter your preferred wagering amount and place your bet.

After this, you’re all set! You can then go on to monitor your bets in the Bet History tab on your app.

How to Withdraw Winnings

If your bet is successful, you can follow these steps to get your winnings from the cricket app:

  • Look for your account balance (usually at the top center or right of your screen); tap it,
  • Look for withdraw (it could be in the Settings tab on some apps),
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw,
  • Fill in your bank account number to receive winnings,
  • Confirm your withdrawal.

Note that you may need to provide identifying information to your bookmaker before claiming your winnings. Bookmakers request this information as a form of Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations requested of all betting companies from their users.

Common information requested from betting companies could include a government-issued ID and bank account statement. You are not expected to part with personal identifying information like your house or work address under any guise.

How to Access Promotional Offers

Cricket betting apps usually float promotional offers all users can gain access to with ease. One such is the welcome bonus, where new users can get between 50% and 300% of their initial deposit as free bets.

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