How To Calculate Batting Average In Cricket?

How should you calculate the batting average in Cricket? Important Techniques!

You need to have a few values at hand to calculate the batting average in cricket. In fact, you need to collect the stats such as the number of runs scored by a player, the total innings played and the number of times the player concluded as not out. There has always been a misconception that batting average is simply the runs scored by any batsman that is divided by the overall number of innings. But, it is a bit more than that calculation but certainly isn’t difficult to understand.

In this article, you will find out the exact meaning of batting average, essential factors, the calculation method with a simple example and its importance in cricket.  Also, you will find out the best batting average of the trending Indian cricketers in three different cricket formats namely the tests, ODIs and T20Is.

What is meant by Batting Average?

The batting average in cricket is the total number of runs accumulated by a player for every inning played. It is a numerical representation of a batter’s performance in an entire series, tournament or throughout their career. As a result, these insights add to a player’s overall stats that highlight their best abilities to perform and score runs for the team.

Factors that influence the batting average

These are the factors that shape the batting average of any cricketer:

  • Pitch Conditions
  • Type of bowler a batter faces — Spinner or Pacer
  • Format of the sport— Test, One Day or Twenty20 Internationals
  • Batting Style
  • Running speed between the wickets
  • Number of dot balls faced
  • And many more…

The significance of Batting Average

Mainly, the batting average calculation is an important selection criterion for selectors to measure the best performance, consistency, and adaptability of a batsman in any cricket match. Also, it helps to make a comparison

Best Batting Average of Trending Indian Cricketers

Let us consider a few examples of the batting averages of famous cricketers such as:

  1. Virat Kohli: The King of cricket- Virat Kohli, is currently ranked at the 3rd position, in the list of highest batting averages in ODI cricket with 58.67 per innings. Especially, the batting average of Virat Kohli is at peak level especially while chasing targets. Also, he maintained the highest batting average of 95.62 in the entire  ICC World Cup 2023. Similarly, Kohli maintains an impressive batting average in tests (49.16), T20Is (51.76) and IPL (37.79)

  2. MS Dhoni: Throughout his career, the former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has maintained a decent batting average of 38.09 in tests, ODIs (50.58), T20Is (37.6) and IPL (39.08).

  3. Sachin Tendulkar: Although Sachin Tendulkar doesn’t have an impressive batting average of 10.00 in T20Is, he maintains a good rate in tests (53.79), ODIs ( 44.83) and IPL (33.83).

  4. Rohit Sharma: The Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has maintained a batting average of 45.47 in tests, 49.12 in ODIs, 31.29 in T20Is and 29.48 in IPL.

  5. Shubman Gill: In the initial phases of his cricketing career, Shubman Gill has tried to maintain a healthy batting average in tests (35.52), ODIs (61.38), T20Is (25.77) and IPL (37.21). Also, he holds the 2nd highest batting average in ODIs.

Which Batsman has the Highest Batting Average in Test Cricket?

As of 2024, the late Australian legendary batsman Don Bradman still ranks at the leading position for maintaining the highest batting average of 99.94 in test cricket.

Which Batsman has the Highest Batting Average in ODI Cricket?

Currently, the former Netherlands batsman RN ten Doeschate has the highest batting average of 61.37 in the One-Day Internationals (ODI) cricket format.

Which Batsman has the Highest Batting Average in T20I Cricket?

At present, Sami Sohail, the batsman from Malawi (associate nation) has the highest batting average of 59.42 in T20I cricket. Whereas, if the stats of players from full member nations are considered, then Indian star batter Virat Kohli holds the highest record of 51.75.

Simplest Method to Calculate Batting Average in Cricket

You can understand the easiest method to calculate batting average by using this formula and carefully observing the below example:

  • Batting Average in Cricket =  (Total Runs) / (Total Number of Dismissals)

Here, the total number of dismissals of a batter  can be calculated by using another simple formula as shown below:

  • Total Number of Dismissals = (Total Number of Innings Played) – (Total Number of Not Outs)

Based on these two formulas, let us imagine the example of Player A who scored 10,000 runs in 200 ODI matches and remained not out in 50 of those innings.

So, the batting average of Player A can be calculated by combining the above two formulas:

  • Batting Average = (10000) / (200-50)

                           = (10000) / (150 ) = 66.7

Therefore, the batting average of Player A in his ODI career would be 66.7.

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In the modern world of cricket, apart from runs, maintaining a high batting average in cricket is one of the secret formulas for cricketers to grab the attention of national selectors.

Overall, the above-mentioned method can prove to be effective in calculating the batting average of any player.

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