How To Play Grounded Shots In Cricket?

Most often batsmen prefer playing shots that are less risky and reduce their chances of dismissal in cricket.

How to play grounded shots with perfection in cricket? Tips and Tricks Revealed! 

Most often batsmen prefer playing shots that are less risky and reduce their chances of dismissal in cricket. One of the best techniques involves playing grounded shots in cricket, particularly in the longer formats such as the Tests and One Day Internationals (ODIs). 

In contrast to the lofted shots that travel up in the air, grounded shots are played along the ground. To explain in simpler terms, the grounded shots refer to the ball remaining in contact with the ground throughout its motion after being hit by the batsman. These shots are played in such a way that the ball is at a lower angle rather than being hit into the air. 

One of the main benefits of playing grounded shots is that it allows you to accumulate runs steadily and safely, thereby reducing the risk of getting caught by fielders to avoid dismissal. For example, you might have observed the Indian cricketer Virat Kohli scoring most of his runs through grounded shots, which makes it difficult for the bowling side to grab his wicket. Playing shots like drives, cuts, and defensive strokes ensures the ball rolls or stays lower after being struck by any batter. 

As you have understood what exactly is a grounded shot, it would be interesting to gain knowledge about how to play these shots effectively to build your innings steadily in cricket. 

Important Tips and Tricks to Play Grounded Shots 

These are the most effective strategies to play grounded shots in cricket rather than hitting the ball in the air to accumulate runs consistently in longer formats: 

1. Footwork Techniques:

The more you focus on your footwork techniques, the better you can play grounded shots. While facing the ball, you should ensure that your footwork is perfect and that you’re set in a comfortable position to play the ball. As the ball approaches, your feet should move towards the line of the ball. Also, balance your body weight by evenly distributing on your two feet to execute the shot with timing. 

Most importantly, you should stand with your feet kept at a considerable distance apart, as wide as your shoulders. Keeping your knees slightly bent rather than locking them straight helps to stay flexible and ready to move. 

The front foot comes into play when you extend the arms and use your body weight to play a defensive shot with complete control.

In contrast, the backfoot comes into action while playing the cut and pull shots, thereby improving your timing effectively.

By maintaining a sharp focus on the ball, you can react faster and accurately to play the grounded shots with perfection. 

2. Position of Your Head: 

It’s important to keep your head upright and along with the ball. As a result, you will easily be able to measure the line and length of the ball in a better way and play the ball carefully under your vision. 

3. Gripping: 

To play grounded shots, you should hold the bat firmly with two hands to ensure a comfortable and steady grip. Your top hand plays an essential role in guiding the shot whereas your bottom hand provides strength and balance. 

4. Controlled Bat Swing: 

The face of the bat should be straight and leveled along the ground to control the swing smoothly. Always keep in mind that you should play the ball late with a straight bat so that the ball travels along the ground. At the same time, you should be careful not to play close to the line as there are higher chances of getting out with a leading edge (mistiming the shot and ball traveling in the opposite direction). 

To maintain the required balance and control, you should extend your arms toward the direction to execute the shot with a natural motion of the bat. 

5. Shot Selection: 

Based on the line and length of the delivery, you should select the appropriate shot. For example, you can play straight drives or cover drives against the full toss deliveries to direct it along the ground either off-side or on-side. If you’re playing against short-pitched deliveries; executing the cut and pull shots with a horizontal bat, helps to direct the ball toward square-leg along the ground. 

At times, you might require to play defensive strokes against the deliveries such as the yorkers aimed directly at the stumps. 

6. Regular Practice: 

Involving yourself in regular practice sessions can help in master the art of grounded shots. By spending a fixed period in the nets; you can easily work on your batting techniques and shot selection by practicing against different types of bowlers and bowling styles. This helps improve your ability to bat for a longer duration on the crease. 

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