How To Score Successfully in Cricket Sports?

Learn from this post how to get scores in the sport of cricket. Read this for more information.

There are a number of people who do not know about cricket sports scores. Like many other sports, cricket is also one that sounds easy but is not while playing on the field. To play and score well, you need to know the basic rules and regulations of the sport. There are only a few things you need to know in order to enjoy cricket. Most of those are concerned with how cricket scoring works, which is what we should explain.

Ways of Cricket sports scores:

In a match, the cricket sports scores are determined by taking runs. They are the same as goals in football or points in basketball. The target of any cricket match is to score more runs than the opposition. In the limited-overs formats of One Day and T-20, the team that scores the maximum runs will win the match.

This concept is followed over to test and first-class cricket, too, although there is a chance for the game to get drawn. If the team batting last has not touched the target to win and they have not lost all their stumps, the match is declared a draw. Therefore, runs may not guarantee a win, but they remain essential in the context of the result.

However, runs are vital to the outcome, but how to make cricket sports scores?


Batters are aiming to score by hitting into the gaps in the field. At the same time, there are 2 batters at each end of the pitch. One is the main striker, and the other is the non-striker batter. After the striker hits the ball, if the 2 batters cross and successfully do it to the other end of the pitch, they will score runs. Those runs will get added to the individuals and the team total. If they do this once, the batting side will be allocated 1 run. If the batters successfully cross twice, they score 2 runs.

In the theory of cricket sports scores, the batters can cross as many times as they like and score any number of runs. But it is exceptionally difficult to score more than 3 runs in this way. In all probability, the opponent side will have retrieved the ball and thrown it back to the wicketkeeper or the bowler. Alternatively, it will have crossed the boundary rope before the 3rd or 4th run.

Hitting Boundaries

The cricket field is confined within a boundary rope, and if the batter hits a ball beyond that, they will score additional runs. 4 runs are earned if the ball is hit beyond the boundary and bounces at least once before it crosses the field of play. 6 runs are given if the ball is struck over the boundary rope without bouncing a single drop before it leaves the field. Similarly to scoring a century, scoring 6 runs is considered somewhat of an achievement; therefore, the batter with the most 6 runs is considered in high regard.

Extra Runs

Additional runs that do not come from the batter’s bat might be scored. These are the extra runs. These runs can be divided into two different types –bowling and fielding extras. Fielding extras are like byes and leg byes, which are not debited to the bowler’s figures. Bowling extras are wide balls and no balls. This is how runs are added to the batting team and debited to the bowler’s figures.

Finally, penalty runs might also be earned for a few reasons. Basically, they relate to rule infringements on behalf of the fielders, such as illegal fielding, catching the ball with a cap or another part of the fielder’s clothing or equipment, slow over rates, etc. Such penalties will be added to the total of the batting side.

Losing Wickets

A lost wicket does not add any extra runs to either team’s score, but it is essential for many reasons. A team gets 10 wickets before the game starts, and when all 10 are picked up, the innings are complete, and they cannot score runs anymore.

Secondly, in some limited-over matches, the result can be calculated by the lost wickets if the match is tied. For example, if a side in a cricket sport scores 225 for the loss of 5 wickets, it will beat the other side, scoring 225 with 7 wickets lost.

Last Line:

However, here I have tried to explain the question simply of how cricket is sport scored. So, by now, you should follow a match and keep up with the total as it builds.

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