Important IPL rules That You Should Know

Take a closer look at this post about the old and new IPL rules. For full details, read this!

According to the BCCI, the IPL of 2011 is playing formats in the case of IPL formats which will be played within ten teams in total. A total of 74 matches are fixed to be played, and for that, four playoff matches. The most exciting part about the game is the way that the game turns over.

Therefore, the following eight teams will be playing off 60 matches in total, and the team will be playing off within 14 league matches. The IPL rules go through a series of not breaking the rules for any players.

Therefore, playing off 14 league matches, the teams will be playing in a total of 7 matches on other home grounds. In addition, two teams in the former tournament have the home ground comforting the difficulty.

The IPL old rules:

The IPL regulations of 2022 are unfamiliar to the IPL community of cricket. Therefore, the format was used in the 2011 IPL rules, where the format and the tournament were played in a total of 10 teams.

Therefore, the following ten teams are divided into two groups,

  • A random drawing was used to determine the groups and played across once and twice.
  • In the group stage, the teams played within 14 games, facing the other four teams. The groups were dealt with and remained within the two teams.
  • IPL points table system, the teams went up, winning a match that will be awarded within 2 points. The former losing teams will not be able to receive any points.
  • In other cases of drawing or gaining no result by both teams, that will be awarded 1 point.
  • Four games are followed in the playoff system. All four games will be played off on another stage.
  • Qualifier 1 will be ranked first and second in the group stage.
  • In the case of the Eliminator that is involved, the teams are ranked third and fourth in the group stage.
  • Qualifier 2 is between the loser of Qualifier 1 and the winner of the Eliminator.
  • In the finals, the game will be played with winners of Qualifiers 1 and 2.

IPL new rules 2022:

IPL 2022 has two DRS in each inning,

  • Catching a dismissal which is irrespective of the batters. It has crossed if the incoming batsman will be taking off the strike.
  • In any case, the teams will fail to find the XI due to COVID-19, and the BCCI will attempt to reschedule the game for 2022.
  • At the time of rescheduling, the IPL technical team can’t look into the matter.
  • In the case of playoffs or finals, the super-over cannot be completed due to other reasons. The teams will have to finish off the high declaration with the winners.
  • In the case of a power surge, T20 cricket is about varying the momentum, which decides which team dominates the proceedings.
  • For the short format, the other sides will enter the ground with the mindset of taking out the opposition bowlers of the powerplay. The initial size overs are there to go through the batting side that makes up the strong foundation.
  • In IPL rules, an extra over for an in-form bowler is given accordingly. The plan will be to play out the tough and in-form bowlers.
  • In other cases, the bowlers will be helping them to provide the teams and other important breakthroughs.
  •  The penalty for slow rate, IPL rules, here settles down on the idea of gaining through the penalty runs engaged with the opposition teams. In the T20, single runs are decided according to the fate dealt with within the match.
  • With an additional five penalties, the following teams will create efforts to follow up the timeline.
  • Another interesting IPL rule that comes over is the points finishing inside ten overs.
  • The other rule that comes out is team league rankings. These are only decided at the time of super-overs. The subsequent super overs are meant to be played or finished in other league seasons. The IPL rules are worked accordingly to maintain the balance of the game.


In this way, the IPL rules provide complete regulation to sustain the features more prominent. The other process of its changes in the regulations will all be mentioned. In all the probable cases, the requirements of the changes are made to follow and maintain the system. Therefore, all the players needed to follow, and if any players are not following the rules will be bound to face penalty sessions.

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