Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

In this article, we will discuss cricket betting and its legalization. This is to determine whether cricket betting is legal in India.

Gambling online games are getting more popular as time is passing by. Now people spend more time on online betting games instead of going to the grounds and playing sports. However, India cricket betting has increased remarkably in the last few years. India’s stance on gambling has been rather open. The laws, rules, and regulations to control the gambling industry are open to interpretation. We may question whether cricket betting is legal in India or not. So, accordingly, here in this article, our concept will be related to cricket betting and its legalizations.

India cricket betting:

As of 2022, betting in India is restricted, but some laws do not apply to online betting on cricket. Is offline India cricket betting allowed? The answer is no. The government completely prohibits any betting activities on cricket in the offline mode. It is a punishable offense. If caught, there can be a hefty fine and a few years of imprisonment. The law is clear on this matter.

Things, however, are different when it comes to online betting in India. Online betting is a state subject. According to the central government, if an online casino is operating outside of India and allows Indian players to place bets or ‘Satta’ on cricket matches in the Indian currency, that is, the rupee, betting on cricket will be considered legal in India. This can become illegal if the state you are living or staying in prohibits it.

Legal Aspects of Betting in India:

There are three major gambling acts in India, and to understand if online betting on cricket is legal, all three need to be explored. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 is known as the first-ever act of its kind that prohibits running a public gambling house. This is a central law which means that it applies throughout the country. If someone is found operating a public gambling house, they will be fined and sent to jail. These outlaw all offline cricket betting houses or offline cricket Satta bazaars in India. A few games get respite here, which are classified as games of skill—for example, rummy, where players can show their skills. However, no leniency is shown towards games of chance, which is betting on cricket.

Next came the Prize Competition Act of 1955. This law restricts gambling activities that would result in winnings or prizes. This means that no awards above 1000 rupees can be given prizes, even for solving crosswords, puzzles, numbers, crosswords, or games of a similar kind. When these two laws were enforced, betting on cricket was almost impossible because offline betting houses were off-limits, and the online casino industry was still in its infancy. Finally, with the Information Technology Act 2000, things started looking brighter for punters. This act regulates cyber activities within the country. As it does not talk about India cricket betting or gambling, the question of whether online casinos are legal or not is up for interpretation.

The Centre and the State Authorities:

After the Information Technology Act of 2000, the central government did not try to clarify anything about online gambling. The other two laws are still running, so offline gambling is out of the question. What about online betting on cricket in India?

Well, the answer in parts is ‘yes.’ You can bet online on cricket in India if the casino is situated and operates in a foreign land. Additionally, the casino should allow betting in the Indian rupee, and the betting activities should not manipulate the outcome of the match. If these conditions are fulfilled, you can gamble online on cricket. However, there is one more factor you need to consider, which is the state’s permission.

As the center did not take a firm stand on online gambling, the final interpretation of the law was left to the states. So, if any state decides to rule against online gambling, it will be deemed illegal in that country.


If the online casino follows the rules the central government and the state allow, it is legal for India cricket betting. But if you want to be professional with the platform, you need to follow some of the experts’ steps. Before depositing your money, make sure you are on a regulated platform. You need to be 18 years old before you sign up. You should have enough experience to win easily and claim rewards. So, if you are new in this section, upgrade yourself with good suggestions, knowledge, experiences, and practices.

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