Rohit Sharma – Batting Skills & Technique Analysis

Rohit Sharma’s all-round talent to face any kind of bowling attack sets him apart from the rest of the Indian batters.

Indian skipper and opening batter Rohit Sharma is often hailed as the “Hitman” by the fans for his exceptional batting skills and technique for executing massive shots.

He is the only batter to score three double-hundreds in ODIs. Also, Rohit Sharma holds the highest individual score of 264 runs in an ODI innings. Along with the Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell, the Hitman maintains the joint most number of hundreds in T20Is (5 centuries).

Can you believe that Rohit Sharma maintains a record of hitting the most number of sixes in the ICC Men’s World Cup (54 sixes in 28 innings), which is the highest by any international batsman?

It would be interesting to analyze Rohit Sharma’s batting techniques that make him one of the most successful batsmen of the Indian cricket team. It’s time to delve deeper to find out these important skills of Rohit Sharma in all cricket formats in detail…

1. Stability at Crease:

Before the bowler releases the bowl, Rohit Sharma ensures that he remains in a stable position at the crease.

2. Pull and Hook Shots:

Rohit is typically considered the expert on pull and hook shots with excellent hand-eye coordination and timing. He can execute pull shots especially while facing huge bouncy balls and easily transmit over the boundary ropes.

Indeed, this has been Rohit Sharma’s signature shot where he delivers short-pitched deliveries with accuracy and strength.

3. Footwork:

Rohit Sharma’s footwork is quick and responsive allowing him to play a wide range of powerful shots as well as gently drive the ball to take quick singles.

4. Finding gaps:

Hitman’s ability to locate gaps in the field helps him to consistently strike the ball down the ground with force where fielders aren’t placed. As a result, his power-hitting abilities against the fast bowlers help him to accumulate runs through boundaries.

5. Swivel Pull :

One of the key elements of Rohit Sharma’s batting technique is accurate balance and accelerated movement while executing big shots also known as the “Swivel Pull”. Consequently, it helps him to get inside the line of the ball and smash towards the fine leg.

Most importantly, he remains balanced and comfortable, and his accelerated movement helps him to settle into the right position to play risky shots.

6. Hitman vs Spin Bowlers:

Most of the spin bowlers face a nightmare of bowling to the Rohit Sharma — the Hitman. His ability to hit from the crease by using his feet keeps bowlers guessing on his next movement, thereby ensuring to position himself closer to the ball with a high backlift to transmit the power into the ball.

Also, he uses his feet to play sweep shots that make the ball roll towards the boundary ropes. 

7. Playing the Balls Late:

Mainly, Rohit Sharma waits for the ball and hits at the perfect moment to achieve maximum power with timing and remains one of his batting strengths. In other words, he plays the balls as late as possible or when the ball approaches closer to his body. However, he has been successful in executing such shots with maximum bat speed as well as without losing control over his position.

8. Playing Shots with Front Arm:

Most Importantly, Rohit Sharma plays shots repeatedly with his front arm which helps him to build forearm muscles as well as enhances the memory of shots in mind. Consequently, it helps to increase his bat speed.

9. Reverse Sweep:

Recently, during the 3rd T20I match of the series between India and Afghanistan on 17th January 2024, you might have observed Rohit Sharma executing reverse sweep shots which are rarely played under tricky situations.

Later the Indian skipper revealed that he has been practising this shot for more than two years which helps him to keep the opposition team’s best bowlers under pressure. Rohit also said that he played such shots a couple of times in test cricket six years back, particularly against spin bowling.

Mainly, Rohit Sharma plays reverse shots when he experiences the ball spinning and gripping rather than smashing them straight.

10. Hitman vs Pace Bowlers:

In his 16-year cricketing career, the Hitman has been successful in dismantling pace bowlers by playing brilliant drives or unleashing pull strokes and cuts.

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Rohit Sharma’s all-round talent to face any kind of bowling attack sets him apart from the rest of the Indian batters.

Though any batter can achieve the greatest bat speed, it is important to transfer the body weight and have an upright head that helps to face balls closer to the body. This is the main speciality of Rohit Sharma that makes him a successful batsman as he doesn’t waste energy without generating too much power to play spectacular shots.

Interestingly, Rohit Sharma was the leading run-scorer of the 2019 World Cup by smashing 648 runs in 9 innings. It includes his 5 centuries and 1 half-century in the entire tournament. Despite playing selfless innings as a captain in the ICC World Cup 2023, he still ranked as the 2nd highest run scorer with 597 runs in 11 matches, which includes a century and 3 half-centuries. Notably, he smashed 31 sixes in the 2023 World Cup which is the most by any batter in the entire tournament.

As a result, Rohit Sharma ranks among the greatest batsmen of all time alongside top Indian batters namely Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.

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