Seven Surprising Cricket Terminologies You Might Not Know

Discover the seven surprising cricket terms listed below that you probably don’t know yet. For details, see this article.

Cricket is the most watched sport in the world. It has been part of the statement, and every child has played the game. It has also created fans and others to be able to watch the role models play. The cricketers can bring in motivation and make more. For the diehard fans, these cricket terminologies are better to understand and rectify the issue and rectify the solution.

Cricket terminologies are rules and specifications that are used in the match. It is also associated with understanding the terms and dealing with the main activities and strain of the rules. All these are inputted into the system and are also involved in the process for the time being. Dealing with the work within the terminologies would help stay within the rules and properly customize the game.

Genuine cricket terminologies:

The cricket terminologies that are surprisingly heard less are:

1. Bail

The bails are placed at the top of the three-wicket stumps. It is made up of wood and used to determine the wickets which have been broken. These are broken into the following terms and are also in cricket terminologies. Term bail derives a different manner in the case of cricket. All are involved with an interesting case and meeting. All these terms are needed to be known as it is beneficial to know about them.

2. Boundary

The term boundary is used to describe the parameter of the playing ground. It is also determined by understanding the ball covering the area for the scores. It is associated with scores of either four or six. When a ball directly goes outside the boundary rope, it is called over the boundary with six runs. When a ball crosses the boundary rope rolling or dropping on the grounds, it is called a boundary with four runs.

3. Brace

The brace is hardly used in the match as it refers to two wickets being broken in two consecutive shots. These cricket terminologies have delivered a good way of understanding the rules and working according to them.

4. Yorker

Everyone might have heard about the term while watching cricket. But what is the real meaning of it? Well, the answer is that it is used on the cricket pitch near the batsman’s feet at the time of the bowler’s delivery—the most notorious and tough job for the batsman. In any case, if the batsman adopts the normal stance at the delivery time, that is, if the bat is raised too high if the ball lands on the pitch. It is spotted in the Yorker and will jam on batting down in the ground. People look at the term to come from Yorkshire. But it was termed used in the 18th century.

5. Dead ball

The terms or the rules of the game are used at the state of the players are not allowed to participate. The dead ball also occurs by determining the umpire’s conditions. However, commonly, when a batter hits a shot, a fielder gets the ball and throws it to the keeper. Now, when the wicketkeeper catches the ball and, therefore, a few seconds after, the batter is not allowed to take any short run. This ball is termed the dead ball.

6. Pinch hitters

For the case of lower-order batters, it is promoted into the following lineup. It is also associated with the hit-up in some of the quick runs. It is mostly involved with the chasing of the total runs in one day. In the case of a pinch hitter, it is involved with the specialist batsman that would stay around. These surprising cricket terminologies have been used in a short time.

7. Return crease

In the case of return crease, that is involved within pointing down pitches and the other side of the stumps. The following bowler’s back foot landed inside the area, and no ball would be reclaimed. The return crease is there to understand the score of the batsman. All the terms are too used and have yet to be heard. Return crease generally signifies the entire process and details in cricket.


For cricket fans, it is impossible to know and gain knowledge about each game. The game is very vast and also filled with versatility. The immense nature and diverse conditions are there to complete the knowledge. In this way, the cricket terminologies have made it possible to make the game work according to the rules. Certain terms have yet to be heard, but the article will guide you in knowing the facts. This set of terminologies has inputted more knowledge about cricket.

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