The Cricket Players Skills That Need to Have | Top 3 

Discover in this post the top 3 skills that players of cricket sport should possess.

Cricket players skills are highly- specialized and in-demand. Many fans know the regular skills like bowling and batting as designated to some players with few cricketers able to perform in both roles. However, there are some major skills all cricketers should have to achieve their best performance during games.

Here’s a look at the top three skills cricketers need to have for a robust outing across all formats.

1. Running

Players must have the ability to run between wickets in an attempt to score runs or defend in an over. Cricketers must improve their cardio fitness levels to a high level for better responses during action-packed overs.

Fielders must have great running abilities to respond quickly to hits. Defensive fielding positions require players to react quickly to hit balls, and it demands quick movements with great accuracy for better results.

Knowing the right time to run and when to halt is a vital part of any over in cricket. All players must have this ability to excel on the cricket pitch, score runs, prevent attacks, and set targets with ease.

2. Fielding

Defensive positions are very important in professional cricket, especially after setting targets for opposing teams to exceed. Cricketers should always have exceptional defensive abilities to nudge their team toward victory, and fielding is a vital skill they must possess to secure wins or limit targets from opening attackers.

A fielder’s job is to ensure hit balls in the air do not reach or go over the boundary. Many teams have secured victories at the death after heroic catches from one or more fielders. Getting fielding right is an art very few can master; it involves a mix of running, catching, and throwing. Knowing the right position to stand while fielding also makes it easy to defend and prevent runs.

3. Throwing

Batters may need to perfect their swings with extensive swing training. Some of these training sessions could mirror swing actions bowlers practice with slight variations. While throwing is an essential skill for field players, batters could learn a thing or two from swinging balls themselves during training.

Many capable batters have gone on to succeed as bowlers in their careers due to their exceptional swinging ability. Throwing may not be the most used skill among others, but every skilled cricketer should know how to drive a spin or pace ball during overs.

Learning how to throw improves balance in gameplay and could make a huge difference in some tight games. Batters, fielders, wicketkeepers, bowlers, and reserve players should have an above-par throwing ability in professional cricket.

Other Specialized Skills

All cricketers need to know fielding, running, and throwing to a reasonable extent; however, specialized skills exist in the sport reserved for talented players. Some of these skills of cricket players are:


Bowling is a specialized skill designed to prevent runs and take wickets. Bowlers are important in any defensive setup in cricket and must have special skills strong enough to dismiss opposing batters. It is a physically demanding activity and could tell the difference between teams after the final ends.


Another specialized skill is wicketkeeping, which allows players to retrieve balls propelled at pace towards the wicket. The wicket-keeper is expected to stay in a squatting position while wearing head, torso, groin, and leg protection.

Being a wicket-keeper also requires great eye-hand coordination. Wicketkeepers are expected to catch fastballs and deflected hits from a batter. They are directly behind the wicket and can be instrumental to a team’s overall result across formats.


You can only score runs in cricket through batting. A batter must protect wickets and know how to hit approaching balls to score runs for the team. Batters require extensive training and a dose of massive skills to know when to hit, how to it, and where to direct approaching balls from bowlers.

Skilled batters must know how to handle the bat and possess highly-responsive hand and eye coordination to succeed.


Field players must know how to catch balls better than other players on the pitch; the same goes for wicket-keepers. Balls traveling at insane velocities can be hard to tame, and it is one of the most demanding skills for cricket players.

Players must complete catching drills in practice to excel in different capacities during games. Precision is an essential element of this skill, and regular training is the only way to build greater accuracy to easily pluck balls out of the air.

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