The Different Types of Cricket Shots That a Must Know

This article will be discussing the different types of cricket shots that a must to know. Read this for more info.

“Hurrah!!! What a shot it is!”

Many cricketers have delivered terrific shots, and people were stunned by the scene. There are some players that have developed a love and passion for Cricket. Cricket is an amazing game to play, and it highlights the segments dealing with thetwo role-play and scoring well about runs. It is also delivering the essential way of creating the proper features and also assuming to deliver the field placement. The former sport has inspired millions of youths and made it the most popular sport. Here, we will be discussing the most wonderful cricket shots.

Defensive short

    In defensive short, the attacking comes from the merit of delivery and assumes to deliver the most probable ways. The shorts can be used on the front foot or even on the back foot. It is also being delivered to the most probable reasons.

    Back foot defense

    It is also similar to dealing with front-foot defense and also transferring the weight into the batsman transfers. Here it comes with a short length. It has been dealing with the intention of saving his wicket. In this way, backfoot defense appears in Test cricket. The batsman here applies for 22 yards when these shots are played.

    Straight drive

    The former drive here goes on to the batter, and it plays on a full-length or good-length ball. It is barely played when the ball is on the stumps and also involves and institutes the weight transfer onto the front foot. In the case of the batter, the ball comes straight on the Sight Screen. The further extension of the straight drive moves onto the arms and continues the bat swing. It is also known to be the master drive that Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar first delivered.

    On drive

    The batsman holds onto the step in gaining into the procedure involving the ball to face on the long region. The following drive consists of making good-length balls and ending the singles together, and the spinners are bowling. The former extension holds into the lofted on-drive process and hits the arc on a go-to-short. These cricket shots involved the series indicating the series and also mentioning the good delivery of balls.

    Cover Drive

    It is also creating the most valuable short and indulging in the cricket field. It is an elegant drive that follows on driving the ball, and most batters love the plot. Batters here love to cover the drive and instigate the lifting of the ball, also called the inside-out shot. One of the players creates a remarkable ability to play and also deliver shots. Even Indian skipper Virat Kohli can master the drive and make the most runs.

    Square drive

    The batter here holds onto the plot and shows the bat towards the face of the cover-point region. The batters also intended to slice the ball towards the point and there to face the parameters to play the shot. Here the batsman delivers on the lean position towards the front door and drives good-length balls. The main difference that comes out is the driver seizes on the line and plays the short on the ball line, which is the off stump.

    Cut shot

    The former shot here delivers to apply the point into the third man region and intends to rock back the back feet. The cut shot is there in every possible way, which the batsman picks on, freeing his arms and indicating the balls to travel away from the off-stump. This short is also known to be the best cricket shot. In general terms, the cut shorts are of three types, and they are,

    • Square cut
    • Uppercut
    • Late Cut

    It is usually the ball which is slapped into the point region. The bowlers also intend to deliver the ball into the horizontal position and swing the ball parallel to the ground. Here in the uppercut position, the cricket shots make and cut the ball very hard, and bowlers bump into the batsman’s body.


    Here the article discloses the top types of cricket shots and how they deliver the most significant shots. It is also processed into a series of dealing with the main activities and how the batsman deals with every shot. It would also show how the deliveries are creating a vital short to the cricket ground. Every shot is meaningful when it is securing runs for the team.

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