The Different Types of Fast Bowlers in Cricket

This brief post contains information about the fast bowlers. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading until the end of this article.

One of the most famous games in the world is cricket. In comparison, the game depends on the various player of the countries. The player can play at the time of their series whenever held. The fast bowlers are one of the main parts of the game. In other words, we also say the Bowler can change the game. To fulfill this purpose, they will use different technical balls. The detail regarding the fast Bowler is available below in the sequence.

Fast Bowler by Shoaib Akhtar:

One of the fast Bowlers of cricket is known as the Sohaib Akhter. The player is relevant to the Pakistan national team. In other words, the player can also call the Rawalpindi express. The player can declare the fast bowlers in the history of cricket. The player achieves the fast delivery world record of 161.3km/h. the world record can maintain against England in 2003 at the ICC World cup. Akhter is also one of the first balls that break 100 mph.

At the same time, the player gets 247 ODIs and 178 test wickets in his career. The career can start from 1997 and lead till 2011. The player also includes in various international cricket games. The international games include the IPL club KKR and the last one is the NCl T20. The games relevant to the countries are Bangladesh, franchise, cyclones and the last one is Chittagong.

Short Hand Bowler Malcolm:

One of the fast bouncer bowlers is known as the English Malcolm. A perfect player or the right-hand batman is test cricket. In comparison, the ball is through by using the short-hand pitching strategy. The fast bowlers’ bouncer is one of the most complicated deliveries in cricket. The batter can confuse and not able to respond to the ball in the anyway. The ball can also declare one of the most dangerous nature balls. In other words, we also say the bounce rules will change several times.

Out Swinger Ball by Terry Alderman:

Terry alderman does the outswinger cricket ball. At the same time, he is one of the best swinger Bowlers worldwide. The fast bowlers’ outswinger ball is the huge length pitch ball. The Bowler can use it to drop the wicket of the batter. On the other side, the batter cannot face the balls in any way. One of the reasons so that the ball direction can completely change after the first bounce. Similarly, the batter tries to respond to the ball to make the run.

In Swinger Ball by Bhuvneshwar Kumar:

One of the left-arm bowlers is known as Bhubaneshwar Kumar. While during the ball, the left arm ball is running below the right-hand batman. In contrast, the ball is directly hit to the wicket. During the ball response, the ball is swung. The batman is not able to secure their wicket on the ball response. In the other case, the ball can ignore by the batter. The ball will drop with force, showing a good length response.

Reverse Swing by Zaheer Khan:

The reverse swing moves the ball more than the normal swing. While it also delivers late due to the speed of the technique can use. At the same time, the ball responds amazingly. As the ball gets older, it can lose its shine and value. It is different for the batter to understand the direction of the ball.

Similarly, in the start to understand the difference between them is difficult. After the rapid time, it is easy for every Bowler, even the batter, to face. In the other case, the Bowler gets out in a few cases. Sometime the player will get a good run.

Leg and the Off-Cutter by Shan Bond:

The leg and the off-cuter ball are tough and tricky balls. At the same time, the ball is not easy to through by the player. The fast bowlers’ ball can move at a slow speed. Usually, the fast Bowler delivers this type of ball. The right-arm Bowler can use their index finger to spin the ball.

Slow Bowler Player Stephenson:

One of the first slow Bowlers is the English player Stephenson. While people also call a slow ball the stock delivery. The ball is through with the too-slow speed. It means the ball is completely different from the normal ball. The batter is ready to respond to the ball. Due to the early response in most cases, the batter gets out. In the other case, the batter did not respond to the ball. So they will not be able to secure any runs.


The bowler is the backbone of the cricket game. At the same time, the detail regarding the different types of fast Bowlers is mentioned above. As the player or the cricket lover, you only have to check out the detail regarding the fast bowlers and the balls. For more info regarding cricket, you also have the opportunity to check out the website and get the latest update.

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