The Greatest Fielders in Test Cricket History

In this blog post, we will be telling you about the greatest fielders in test cricket history. To know who they are, check this!

Cricket is such a game that is challenging to play. Test cricket format is the toughest part that needs ultimate skills to play. To date, we have seen many skillful cricketers playing test cricket. Some of them are talented batters and bowlers. Here, we shall talk about the greatest fielders in test cricket whom we can still remember.

Greatest fielders in test cricket:

The batters and bowlers can only do something with top-class fielding to take catches or restrict the opponents scoring. The importance of fielding cannot be overstated, and the presence of someone fantastic on your team is immense. Here we will mention the top 5 greatest fielders of the test cricketing format.

1. Jonty Rhodes

There was only ever one man who was going to top this list, and that man was Jonty Rhodes. He had it all – an accurate, powerful throw, great catching ability, speed over the ground, and brilliant diving agility. Add his focus and reflexes, and you can see why he is highly regarded.

Internationally, he made his South Africa debut in 1992 against India. He played well, scoring 41 in the first innings and 21 not out in the second. Good form followed this initial breakthrough and got his first Test century against Sri Lanka in 1994. He played 52 matches at Test level and took 34 catches which is a fine record.

2. Paul Collingwood

Paul Collingwood had great accuracy when throwing at the stumps and was fast across the ground. Perhaps England’s greatest ever and certainly one of the best in recent history at international level. His fitness and agility were top-class, too, and I saw him stop many runs and take lots of catches. He has played 280 games and taken 317 catches to show his fielding ability. He has played 68 matches at Test level to date and taken 96 catches which is a testament to his talent. Regarded as one of the finest fielders of his generation, his contribution to the England team over the years cannot be overstated.

3. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is a cricketing legend full stop but certainly one of the greatest fielders. What is so great about him is that he can field at several positions brilliantly. He is very fast over the ground if, in the inner ring, he also has a great catching technique and is extremely accurate when trying to gain run-outs. They call him ‘Punter the Hunter’ in some circles, and you can see why.

Making his First-Class debut for Tasmania, he eventually played 289 games domestically and took 309 catches. Fine form playing for Tasmania soon earned him selection for Australia against Sri Lanka in 1995. It was fielding at silly points, cover or in the slips that made his name as a fielder, though. His keen eye and pinpoint accuracy made him one of the best to have played in the Test arena.

4. Virat Kohli

The irrepressible Virat Kohli is number 4 on my list, and what a player he is. He is quick over the ground when chasing balls down and boasts cat-like reflexes. These qualities all add up to make him one of the best Test fielders ever.

Kohli was a naturally aggressive batsman with great skill and the power to impose himself on games. His run-scoring was superb; to date, he has played 85 games, and we have noted him taking 81 catches in those games. His fielding has been amazing, with 51 catches in just 54 test matches.

5. Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh held the world record for most Test catches taken by a non-wicketkeeper until it was broken by Rahul Dravid in 2009. His final domestic figures read 368 matches with 452 catches which are impressive. He played 128 Tests and took 181 catches which are fine figures to retire with. He soon stepped up to international level and made his Test debut in 1991 against England. And what a debut it was as he made a Test century on his debut, getting the hundred with an elegant square cut.

He had amazing anticipation, which meant he could take catches others may have missed. Remarkably he never dropped any serious catches and always hung onto the ball when it mattered most, making him one of the greatest fielders of the test format.


This article speaks about the top 5 fielders of test cricket who have made remarkable contributions to the world of cricket. The skills, dedication, and performances of these greatest fielders will remain lessons for future generations.

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