The Top 6 Famous Pakistani Shia Cricketers

Discover the famous Pakistani Shia cricketers and their backgrounds by reading this post.

People around the world have different beliefs according to the religion they belong to. Pakistan is one such country where 70% of its population follows Islamic culture. At the same time, some celebrities practice Shia Islam. Also, there are few Pakistani Shia cricketers, who have succeeded in the national team.

Shia is particularly a branch of the Islamic religion. In other words, it refers to a group of individuals who firmly believe Ali, the fourth caliph to be Muhammed’s only heir. The Shia comprise 10 to 15% of Pakistan’s population and it is the 2nd largest branch of Islam.

On the other side, the Sunnis comprise 85% of Muslims in the country. As a result, Pakistan has the 2nd largest Shia community in the world, with Iran ranking in the first position.

Whereas in the sport of cricket, there are many Pakistani-Shia cricketers. Consequently, Pakistan holds the leading position in involving many Muslim players in a team in all formats of cricket.

Top 6 Pakistani Shia Cricketers: From Hassan Ali to Zaheer Abbas

Here is the list of Pakistani Shia Cricketers who have gained a huge reputation in the world of cricket:

1. Hassan Ali: Right Arm Medium Fast Bowler

Many cricket fans and experts recognize Hassan Ali as one of the most respectable Pakistani-Shia Cricketers, who became a fast-bowling expert from his region. He was born on 02nd July 1994 in Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan.

His strongest abilities include delivering balls at different speeds and curves. In 2013, Ali made his debut in the first-class cricket against Lahore Ravi. Mainly, his career blossomed by taking 17 wickets in just 7 matches.

Later, he marked his debut in international cricket on 18th August 2016, by playing his first ODI match against Ireland. Gradually, he made his T20I debut against England on 07th September 2016.

Overall he took 240 wickets in his international career across different cricket formats such as:

  • Test: 80 wickets in 46 innings (24 matches)
  • ODI: 100 wickets in 64 innings (66 matches)
  • T20I: 60 wickets in 49 innings ( 50 matches)

2. Shadab Khan: Bowling All-rounder

As a Right-handed batsman and leg-spin bowler, Shadab Khan proved himself as a valuable asset for the Pakistan national cricket team. Shadab was born on 4th October 1998 in Mianwali, Pakistan.

Moreover, he performed exceptionally well as a leg-spinner in the U-19 World Cup in 2016, by taking 11 wickets in 6 matches.

He is among those Pakistani Shia cricketers, who have achieved success in the early stages of his career. The 25-year-old all-rounder made an effective contribution with the bat and ball across all formats by scoring an overall 1,724 runs and taking 203 wickets:

  • Test: 300 runs and 14 wickets in 11innings (6 matches)
  • ODI: 855 runs in 44 innings and 85 wickets in 67 innings (70 matches)
  • T20I: 569 runs in 43 innings and 104 wickets in 88 innings ( 92 matches)

3. Zulqarnain Haider: Right Handed Batsman

Zulqarnain Haider was one of the popular players for the Pakistan cricket team, who retired after making his valuable contribution for just 3 years. He was born on 03rd April 1986 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Zulqarnain is one of the former Pakistani Shia cricketers who gained an impression at the top level instantly. In 2010, Haider was recruited to replace Kamran Akmal during England’s tour. In his first match, he faced a severe injury and his test career didn’t proceed as he planned.

On 05th November 2010, he had to quit the ODI match halfway against South Africa. Haider claimed that he received many death threats from unknown people and was asked to deliver a failed performance in the 4th ODI match of that series. Indeed, it was the last day of his international cricket career.

4.  Azhar Ali: Right-Handed Batsman

The 38-year-old Azhar Ali possesses exceptional batting skills to face world-class bowlers across all formats. As a part-time leg-spinner, he contributed effectively by taking wickets for his team in the crucial moments of a match. Azhar was born on 19th February 1985 in Lahore, Pakistan.

He is one of those middle-aged and experienced Pakistani-Shia Cricketers who accumulated 8,987 runs in tests and ODI format of cricket:

  • Test: 7,142runs in 180 innings and 8 wickets in 37 innings (97  matches)
  • ODI: 1,845 runs in 53 innings and 4 wickets in 14 innings (53 matches)

Azhar made his international debut against Australia in tests on 13th July 2010. But, he improved his performance in his second game by guiding Pakistan to a 3-wicket while chasing a target of 180 runs. 

5. Mohsin Hasan Khan:  Right-Handed Batsman

Mohsin Hasan Khan was a popular batsman in the Pakistan cricket squad from 1977 to 1986. He gained a huge fan base after scoring his first-ever double-century in test cricket. Mohsin was born on 15th March 1955 in Karachi, Pakistan.

However, Mohsin couldn’t maintain longevity in his cricketing career. Later, he went on to act in many Bollywood films from 1989 to 1997.

Mohsin Hasan is one of the senior and experienced Pakistani Shia cricketers, having scored 4,586 runs in his test and ODI career:

Test: 2709 runs in 79 innings (48 matches)

ODI: 1,877 runs in 75 innings (75 matches)

6. Zaheer Abbas: Right-Handed Batsman

The 76-year-old Zaheer Abbas is among the most experienced and senior Pakistani Shia cricketers, who also contributed as a part-time off-spinner by achieving remarkable records in tests and ODIs:

Test: 5,062 runs in 124 innings and 3 wickets in 14 innings (78 matches)

ODI: 2,572 runs in 60 innings and 7 wickets in 12 innings (62 matches)

Zaheer was born on 24th July 1947 in Sialkot, Pakistan. His fluent batting style, despite wearing spectacles made him achieve 7,634 runs in his international cricket career. The Pakistani cricketer was regarded as a universal star when he achieved his highest score of 274 runs in a test match against England in 1971.

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