Top 5 Cricketers with the Most Run Outs in ODI Cricket

Here is a list of the top five batters in ODI cricket in terms of run-outs.

A run-out is the reward for some of the most exceptional pieces of work on the field. On the other hand, it is the most unfortunate way of dismissal in the game of cricket. No cricketer wants this type of dismissal, as it decreases the morale of the batter. However, getting run out of ODI cricketers’ at the most important match can affect the batter’s concentration on the other end of the crease. The first thing that pops up in his mind is that he loses him because of his mistake. Therefore, understanding the two batters on the field is crucial from the batting team’s perspective.

Run outbreak the vital partnership on several occasions in international cricket, thereby changing the overall result of the match. That’s why a batter must ensure he is not on the wrong side of the line during run-out opportunities. When you are in the international arena for a long period and have a job of stealing suns against world-class fielders, you can’t avoid becoming part of the list of cricketers with the highest number of run-out dismissals. Here is a list of the top 5 batters with the most run-outs in ODI Cricket.

Inzamam Ul Haq:

He has several fans worldwide because he can entertain them with his power-hitting over the decade. Another aspect that makes Inzamam popular is how he runs between the wickets. He is a perfect example of “stand and deliver, especially while playing fast bowlers. Apart from this, Inzamam ul Haq is one of the greatest ODI cricketers in Pakistan. He played 378 ODIs, batting in 350 innings and scoring 11739 runs at an average of 39.53. 

Inzamam scores ten hundred and 83 fifties for his country. In addition, he was a brilliant timer of the ball and scored lots of his runs only through boundaries. However, there were situations when he wanted to ruin quicker, which he couldn’t do on most occasions, resulting in some comical run-out. The Cricket world remembers these dismissals forever. He was run out on 40 occasions.

Mahela Jayawardene:

He is a legendary Sri Lankan cricketer. Cricket fans worldwide will always remember him as one of the greatest ODI cricketers. He is the second most experienced cricketer in the ODI format. He played 448 ODI matches and scored 12650 runs with an average of 33.38. To make this massive ODI runs, he hits 19 centuries and 77 fifties. Most of the time, he carried his team’s burden and played terrific innings to give some memorable victories to his country. However, Mahela got run out on 39 occasions. 

Rahul Dravid:

He is tall and thin but has never been quick in the running between the wickets. Due to this, he has led his downfall many times. However, he is one of the best ODI cricketers of all time. People always remember him for his temperament and game sense. Rahul is one of those players who adapt according to the situation and play shots accordingly. 

There are 344 ODI matches in Dravid’s career in which he scores 10889 runs at an average of 39.17. Twelve hundred and 83 fifties give him a prominent place in the Indian cricket team. One of the most reliable players, Rahul involved in some horrible mix-ups, resulting in run-out dismissal. In his 16 years long ODI career, he lost his wicket due to a run-out. In addition, on 40 occasions, he dismisses because of ran out. 

Wasim Akram:

He is also one of the most popular Pakistani players. Wasim is a very successful fast bowler in the history of cricket. In addition, he is also one of the best ODI cricketers who did magic with his bowl. There are many bowling records that he holds. Being an amazing fast bowler, he should naturally be a quick runner between the wickets.

Still, he gets run out 38 times. It will show that he mostly relies on the swinging of his bat to score runs. It was also a big reason he usually came to bat at number 8 or 9 and in the final over of an ODI. He always tries to score as many runs as possible, and in that process, he might get run out a couple of times. 

Marvan Atapattu:

He is one of the most prolific openers in Sri Lanka. Marvan Atapattu appeared in 268 ODI matches and scored 8529 runs at an average of 37.57. Eleven hundred and 59 half-centuries include in his ODI career. Though he had the ability and skill to score boundaries, he had a tough time running between the wickets. He is one of the leading ODI cricketers to get run out most often, with 41. 


Dismissal in cricket due to run out is the worst fashion. It is a nightmare for ODI cricketers. Though it can be very frustrating for someone on the receiving end, they are also entertaining to watch. 

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