Top 5 Factors That Can Highly Affect a Cricket Match

This is about the factors in a cricket match that make the game unwinnable, skew the results, and detract from the game’s positive aspects.

Over some years, owing to its popularity, the media has also showcased its comprehensive coverage of issues of Cricket. Cricket is now played in three formats: Tests, One-Day Internationals, and T20s. This article is about things that make the game dull. In other words, this is about the cricket match factors that ruin the game for its fans, making the results one-sided, and that takes away the game from the better side of the day. So, let’s see them one by one.

5 Factors that affect a Cricket Match:

If you have been connected to Cricket for a long time and have some basic idea, then you can easily predict the result of the match. But before you do, you need to consider some cricket match factors that may affect the outcome of a game.

Besides how players perform on the field, factors like rain, toss, venue, teams, and dew factors, besides run rate, wickets in hand, and runs, influence a match. Let’s see the essential attributes of Cricket that may affect the result on any day:

1. The Rain factor

Imagine batting second in a cricket match and needing to know what target to chase. This cricket match factor happened in an international game recently, where Bangladesh came out to bat in the second innings without knowing the target in a rain-truncated match against New Zealand.

The Duckworth Lewis system, for which I am not a big hater, is a better method to set targets on rain-truncated matches than we had before. But is it sufficient? A big no. The rain in cricket matches can ruin the games, especially in big ICC event matches. However, ICC can keep this in control by avoiding important cricket matches at venues with rain forecasts and scheduling them on grounds with effective drainage facilities. And, of course, by bringing in a more efficient method to set targets.

2. Toss

As per many game experts, a Team surely benefits if it can win the toss. It may not be the cricket match factor that may set the course of a match, but it surely allows the winning team to do.

3. Team Combination

You can’t pick any playing XI on your own – it should be a mix of factors like if it’s a spinner’s pitch or seamers or batters’. Based on the weather conditions and pitch and, of course, the form of a player, the final playing XI must be selected.

4. The Dew Factor

The dew factor is one of the vital cricket match factors and true problems that kills the game. However, day-night games are almost unavoidable. They are a must to the game’s commerce–they help bring big numbers of the crowd to the stadium and aid in maximum broadcast reach. The Day-night test matches are my best, which, I believe, can revive the lost charm of the parent format among its fans. But D/N games bring in the problem of dew. As a result, batting becomes homelier, with balls slipping off the bowlers’ hands. So what can ICC do to take out the due factor?

ICC can develop an idea that involves a new ball for every two overs, at least in the T20 games. So, say, the bowling team can bowl with the same ball for over 1-10. And for the overs 11-12, they get a new ball which is, of course, ten overs old but dry. And the process goes the same for 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, and 19-20. It might give the bowling team an edge by having a dry ball and help them play at their full potential.

5. Teams that are losing their charm

Leave associate teams, teams like Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe, who were bigger players a few years back, have constrained themself to minnows in recent times. Unexpectedly this changed their cricket match factors. Sri Lanka, which once used to be World Champions, is a lesser power now. Their wins nowadays against the bigger teams are seen as an upset. The more troubling part is that instead of strengthening their local clubs and domestic circles, their board has decided to start a T20 league.


There is the only sport with challenges and problems. We all know about the challenging cricket match factors. Cricket, played by countries with different cultural and time differences, is bound to have problems. Still, one can wish for unbiased matches, and no one team should enjoy an advantage over the other. Let the better team win.

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