Top 5 Helpful Strategies for New Bettors in Cricket Betting

This article compiles some of the best cricket betting strategies, particularly for new bettors. They can improve their chances of winning by using these helpful strategies.

Cricket is one of the most famous sports in the world, and of course, there is a lot of money to be made by betting on it. There is no doubt that cricket is the most engaging game and offers many different bets. So, it is quite difficult to get the edge over the bookies when placing a bet on cricket. It is why new bettors search various cricket betting strategies that are most useful for them.

Normally, bookmakers have a big team of employees that work round the clock to develop statistics to make it easy for them to provide accurate odds. However, there are still some most useful and best strategies that you can use to make consistent profits from cricket betting. This article gathers some best strategies, especially for new bettors. In this way, they can improve their winning chances. 

Ladder System:

It is a very straightforward cricket betting strategy, where the whole amount you win is a stake in the next bet. It is one of the best cricket betting strategies for new bettors. Ideally, always choose outcomes with relatively lower odds, with a high possibility of panning out. For instance, you are placing a bet on Australia in a Test match against Bangladesh.

Australia has a huge chance to beat Bangladesh. Therefore, they will have lower odds riding on them. Furthermore, with this cricket betting strategy, you specify a series exact number of bets. According to experts, go for a 3 or 5-step ladder at the most, considering every new bet adds that one chance of losing it all. It is an ideal strategy for checking losses, as you mainly bet in selections of low odds.

Martingale Strategy:

It is a well-known cricket betting strategy. In the Martingale strategy, you have to increase stakes gradually. This cricket betting strategy depends on increasing the bet each time you lose the first. It is intriguing as well as risky. In addition, it can be the only choice when cricket bettors want to minimize their one loss in the losing streak. So, if you lose your bet, your next one should be double the initial amount. If you win the wager, the next one should equal the winning one. It is just simple mathematics. You need to pick up the matches with odds that are more than 2.0. It is because you have placed double stakes and need double wins.

Dogon Betting:

The Dogon betting strategy is the specific one on the list. At the same time, it is also known as the mathematical one. The system is popular and can commonly use by newbies. The Dogon betting strategy depends on the increasing amount of the bet. The only reason is to cover all previous losses. Due to the system feature, the amount can increase after every loss. The process continues till the previous bettor fails to recover. Including the playing payout cannot achieve. It is one of the simple mathematical cricket betting strategies which can gain the same short-term profitability. While on the other side, it also leads to the bank’s corruption. Suppose you could be a better player. The system depends on your complete finance. So as the player you should play carefully.

Game-Related Strategies:

They are more qualitative and dependent on your knowledge and skills that will help you to predict your future outcomes. By examining the patterns and characteristics of the tournament or particular game, you can target the inflated lines. Nevertheless, you must understand the odds, betting lines, and combinations in depth before selecting one of the best cricket betting strategies. You have to choose which strategy to bet on. It will also help you to calculate the amount that you deposit.

Flat Betting Strategy:

It is the most popular cricket betting strategy. Flat cricket betting is based on mathematics and implies that you will use flat bets or that each bet will equal the same amount or percentage. New bettors betting on cricket commonly play this strategy by specifying a percentage of the bankroll they will place with each bet. However, there are many flat cricket betting strategies that you can use to make a profit from cricket matches. Many bettors separate the academic flat bets as the most reasonable ones. It is because you can place the 3% bets on games and outcomes with higher risks while the 5% on the more obvious ones. 


Betting strategy is one of the most important things that help you make a profit and double your money. Each cricket betting strategy has its characteristics and winning mechanisms. Above, we mentioned some of the best cricket betting strategies commonly used among new bettors. Some of them are risky but more profitable, while others are safer but will bring value in the long term.

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