Top Greatest Test Bowlers Today

This post will expose some of the greatest test bowlers today. Read this for full details.

In Test cricket, the following bowlers have the constant ability to bowl on the accurate line and length of the bowlers. It comes within the constant accuracy of the length of the bowls. It is also inspiring and motivational for the other cricketers. In recent times, the following bowlers are there to possess the ability to break out partnerships with flat pitches. Nowadays, bowlers are creating new ventures and sustaining new talents. Here in this article, we will be talking about some of the greatest test bowlers.

Greatest Test Bowlers:

Bowling in a test match may sound easy, but it is not in reality. Being consistent and optimistic in adverse situations is quite tough. Here are six such names who have easily adjusted themselves to all the pressures and opposite situations on the pitches of international test cricket.

Pat Cummins

    Australian captain Pat Cummins is at the top list of the greatest test bowlers in the world. It is also concluded within the Ashes in the Test series and causes other havoc in the batting lineups. In 4 matches, Cummins has managed to grab a total of 21 wickets and made a bowling average of about 18.76. In total, Cummins played 38 matches and took off 185 wickets at a career bowling average of 21.19. He developed at an economy rate of 2.76. The kind of ability that he stands for is dealing with the battling opposition and successfully raised him to the top list of Bowlers in Test cricket.

    Ravichandran Ashwin

    Ashwin has been featured in the top list. It has also been involved in cases of suggesting the main ability on which the player has been creating into the people. Ashwin has the proper ability to retain the balls’ disposal and encircle the spinning. He has managed to take the wickets about 430 in the 84 matches that he’s been a part of at a bowling average of 24.38 and an economy of just 2.77. Even in his series in the 2021-22 Test season, he played over five matches, took 17 wickets, and made an economy of about 2.03.

    Shaheen Afridi

    Shaheen has developed his game plot well and expressed the proper strategic playing roles. He can also be considered one of the greatest test bowlers among all the other bowlers. He has dealt with some great shorts in the following 21 matches. Therefore, he has also shown off by taking out 86 wickets with an economy rate of 3.00. In the total of matches, Afridi has grabbed 47 wickets with an economy rate of 2.73 and become the third top list of bowlers.

    Tim Southee

    Tim Southee is the most sustainable bowler in New Zealand who created a precision of controlling the lines and length. Southee has played a total of 83 matches in his entire career and taken about 329 wickets at an economy of about 2.96. In the last five matches, he has played over the process and grabbed 22 wickets with an economy rate of just 2.44. Many of the former legendary cricketers have started comparing him with another Kiwi pacer, Trent Boult. However, he has a long way to run and prove himself as the future of his national cricket team.

    James Anderson

    This English pacer has developed to put its name under the top Test bowlers and simplified the consistency. Since the very beginning of his cricket career, he has been making a show of good skills. He is doing his best at the peak of his international cricketing career. In his Test Cricket, he has performed in 169 matches and picked 640 wickets at an economy rate of 2.80. In 2021, during his test series, the player also delivered to take off 39 wickets in the test matches.

    Jasprit Bumrah

    Jasprit Bumrah has been dealing with the process of delivering a good spell on the batters and created a good feature. His bowling skills have impressed people and set a good example. At a young age, Bumrah adapted the process of backing up and adjusting the technique. He is also considered to be the greatest test bowler of all time and delivered good skills.


    The article comes forward with an understanding of the greatest test bowlers and how it has contributed to cricket. To the fans, the bowlers have managed to inspire and help develop the other young bowlers by changing their techniques. Each of the players has proven their talents and placed a good name in the series.

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