What Are Cricket Futures – A Short Guide Explanation

This post will explain to you what are cricket futures. To understand it, read this!

If we talk about the future of Cricket, many things will arise along with the topic. The beginning of Cricket was first noticed in England, and gradually it became an icon. Let us think about the future version of it. What might it be like? It seems interesting. Here, we will talk about the probable cricket futures So, let us start.

Cricket in the future:

The predictions below are carefully made, considering how Cricket has changed over the years and based on the technological improvements in Cricket. Therefore, this idea of cricket futures brings up some interesting matters:

  • Will the test cricket format be alive?
  • The future Format of ODI cricket
  • The probable change in rules
  • What are the likely technical changes in the cricketing future?

Will the test cricket survive?

Whenever a big question arises about the future of Test cricket, a massive 91.3% of respondents said that the Format will still be alive in 2037. Therefore, the game’s most traditional Format, which has delivered endless memories over the years, is also at a crossroads given the rise of domestic leagues worldwide. However, fans believe the Format still possess a good place as it is ultimately the test of skill and can figure out the unique pace at which white-ball cricket runs.

But Tests are quite expensive to organise for boards around the world. Therefore, whether they are financially feasible for nations other than England, Australia, and India remains to be seen. Perhaps there is a requirement for the ICC to get in and make the Test format of cricket as accessible as possible for the cricket lovers. Therefore, one of the fans put forward a Netflix subscription for ICC.tv to host Test matches. Other respondents called for more other day-night Test matches, more suitable tickets, a reduction in T-20 internationals, and better marketing.

The future Format of ODI cricket:

The Format, suggested by Sachin Tendulkar long back, could be possible in the coming years. More than Test Cricket, ODI is the Format that looks more affected by the rise of T20 globally. Today, ODI matches look like an extended version of T20s, whereas Test Cricket still has followers.

The limited-over players, who are customed to the game’s shortest version, are finding it more difficult to make peace with the older Format – ODI. Also, cricket fans nowadays are losing patience as they prefer the short and crispy T20 formats to the One Day Matches. So, the chances of witnessing the 2-Inning ODI Matches, with 20-25 Overs in every innings, is not so far at all.

The probable change in rules:

The cricket future rules will be changed. This is how the game will evolve, but the basic sense of Cricket will remain the same.

  • The DRS might evolve into a more convincing one. Also, the D/L process might find another way.
  • No ball and Wide ball might get changed. Some extra features may get added to it.
  • The rule of caught out may be changed.
  • The bowlers may get some relaxation in their actions.
  • Batters may get more advantages on the pitches.

Many more changes apart from these may be introduced in all the formats of international and domestic cricket matches.

What are the possible technical changes in Cricket’s future?

The way technology is improving, we can quickly expect that a large technical change will be a part of Cricket’s future.

  • No any on-field umpires or only one umpire will be required. The number of reviews happening in a match nowadays, makes sense to have more umpires observing and making decisions by watching TV or using AI rather than being on the field.
  • Cameras fixed on bats, balls, shoes, boundary ropes, and roofs are not impossible. Therefore, spidercams are already providing a unique angular view to the audience, and things are bound to develop fast. The time of smart Cricket watching are very close.
  • Sensors on/within pitches in the cricketing future.
  • Roofs to protect the matches from the rain. Or pitches, more like artificial, synthetic, or water-resistant pitches, which do not change their behavior with the rain or changes in weather.
  • Much lighter and stronger pads, helmets, and bats.
  • Cricket bats with smart tracking devices are already in process.


T20s might become more potent than ODIs & Test matches. Therefore, even though the Test Matches have followers, the numbers are decreasing as people lose interest in the longer Format. It is tough to say that cricket futures will accept ODI and Test cricket so well if they do not get any reasonable changes in the formats.

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