What Are The Best Tips For Running Quick In Cricket?

A faster running speed in cricket involves a combination of physical fitness, technique, and strategic practice.

What are the best tips for running faster in cricket?

A faster running speed in cricket involves a combination of physical fitness, technique, and strategic practice. It involves running fast between the wickets as a batter, possessing flexible reflexes as a fielder, or setting the tone to deliver fastballs as a pace bowler.

The length and speed of running varies from person to person. For instance, you would have observed the variation in the running speed of pace bowlers Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) and Brett Lee (Australia). Similarly, you would have noticed the unique ways of the Indian batters namely Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni running faster between the wickets.

This review will guide you on how to master the art of running swiftly between wickets. Also, you will gain proper knowledge to implement the practice drills for a bowler, and the essential tips to sharpen your reflexes and accurate throws to become the best fielder.

Mastering the art of running quickly between the wickets

Here is a glimpse of how to grasp the techniques to run quickly between the wickets while batting against the challenging bowling attack of the opponent teams:

1. Back Up:

The non-striker must commence the movement once the bowler lands his back foot within the bowling crease. The bat must be held closer with your hand and the body must be facing the bowler to be aware of the movements.

2. Calling:

The striker should call for the run when the ball reaches behind the wickets or a place where the striker is unable to observe the ball. At times, it is the non-striker who makes a call and a batsman responds. Most importantly, the striker hitting the ball has a clear idea about the ball’s angle, speed, and distance traveled. There are three main types of calls namely “Yes” indicating to run, “No” which means don’t run or stop and return, and  “Wait” which suggests checking if the ball was struck into the gap in the infield.

3. Setting Off:

You should run faster while taking the first run by keeping your head down and holding the bat across the body by taking shorter steps and running parallel to the pitch.

4. Switching the Stride:

You can reach your maximum speed by taking longer strides to reduce the efforts and increase the arm speed with the bat across your body. It is important to put your head up to analyze the ball and fielder.

5. Grounding:

One of the simple methods of grounding is to bend forward and glide the bat inside the crease. This helps to keep the bat parallel to the ground as much as possible. Avoid the chances of keeping the bat in the air due to even or clogged ground conditions. While sliding, make sure the cricket bat lands at least one foot before the crease with timing (neither too late nor too early).

6. Decision Making:

You and your partner must have an alert mind to make effective running decisions, especially while batting with the tail-enders.

7. Co-ordination between striker and non-striker:

Since each batter possesses a different speed, you should have a great rapport with other batters to determine your partner’s call and avoid misunderstandings, particularly in a noisy stadium. 

Practice Drills for Pace Bowler

As a pace bowler, you should implement these practice drills into your daily training sessions effectively to maintain a proper run up angle:

1. Foot Landing:

To find out where your front foot lands, you should start at the front crease and try to run away from the stumps until you’re ready to deliver the cricket ball. Ensure that your foot lands on or behind the crease to avoid no-balls. You can either use tape to measure the distance or manually count the number of steps from the crease to your spot to maintain consistency.

2. Avoid Zig Zag Run Up:

At a certain point, it becomes challenging to run faster and deliver balls at a greater pace if your run-up is zig-zag. In other words, your body wouldn’t be straight and the ball’s trajectory wouldn’t travel according to your target in a straight line. As a result, your body wouldn’t be in a proper alignment which increases your injury risks.

3. Change your angle without reducing speed:

You should maintain a straight line without decreasing your speed, especially when the angle changes normally while bowling to a right or left-handed batter. One of the simplest tricks includes aiming the batter’s off-stump by running with great speed as well as practicing bowling over and around the wicket for right and left-handed batters to analyze the suitable run-up angle.

Valuable Tips to improve your running speed to become a skilled fielder

Most cricket matches witness several twists and turns in the story due to the exceptional fielding efforts of the bowling team’s players. You need to particularly focus on reflexes and throwing accuracy to rank as a skilled fielder by following these valuable strategies:

1. Improved Reaction Time:

You should improve your reaction time by focusing on the motion of the ball closely, predicting its movement, and reacting instantly to catch or stop. But, you should involve yourself in heavy practices since fielding requires swift reflexes to make you more energetic on-field.

2. Low and Prepared Stance:

You should be prepared in an accurate position before the batter strikes the ball by adapting to a low stance with your knees slightly bent to balance your weight and maintain focus on the striker. Especially, the fielding position helps you to run faster towards the ball and execute accurate throws by enhancing your body and balance movement.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination:

Predicting the ball’s trajectory helps maintain good hand-eye coordination which can be achieved by using a bowling machine or a partner. This method helps you to track balls at fluctuating speeds and angles, thereby focusing your fielding abilities and catching the ball clearly with a high running speed.

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To execute the above-mentioned strategies, you need to have strong mental preparation which can improve your talents to react spontaneously and make game-changing contributions with your faster running speed in terms of batting, bowling, or fielding.

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