What are The Different Cricket Bet Types Available?

Learn in this post the different cricket bet types and know their functions. For more details, read on!

Cricket betting has recently been running the trend among young and professional bettors. If you are a cricket lover, there are many versatile ways to bet on the sport. If you are getting into cricket betting, you have probably discovered numerous different cricket bet types available. It should not get in as a surprise, considering that cricket is a complex sport with many variations and factors influencing outcomes. So, what popular kinds of bets can you place on this exciting sport? In this portion, we will discuss how each type of bet works and tell you some of the best tips for winning big. Let us look.

Cricket bet types:

Let us delve right into different kinds of Cricket bets.

Match Winner

One of the most popular kinds of cricket bets is the match bet. It is where you choose which team you reckon will triumph in a particular match. You can find good odds-on-match bets; if you research correctly, it is not too difficult to make some profit.

Toss Winner

The most trending type of cricket bet is the toss winner. In this type of bet, you guess who you reckon will win the coin toss before the match starts. It is usually a 50/50 proposition, so the odds are generally even money.

Series Winner

Another exciting type is the series winner bet. In this type of bet, you pick who you think will win the series. It is usually the most difficult to predict, so the odds are generally the highest.

Top Batsman

Another popular cricket bet type is the top batsman bet. It is where you pick a player you think will score the most runs in a match. Again, this can be a very profitable bet if you know your cricket well.

Top Bowler

One type of cricket bet that is becoming increasingly popular is the Top Bowler bet. It is where you can predict which bowler is going to take the most stumps in a particular match or series. It is a good way to increase money, as it needs a good understanding of the game and the players involved.

Player of the Match

Another popular type of cricket bet is the man of the match. In this bet, you will pick the player you think will be named the player of the match at the end. Predicting is usually more challenging than the toss winner, so the odds are generally slightly higher.

Dismissal Method

In this bet, you must guess how the wicket will fall. Will it be bowled, stumped, run out, caught, or LBW? Other methods of dismissal could be more common.

To Score 50 Runs

You must choose which batsmen will score at least 50 runs. Look at the previous performances of each player to determine the best bet.

To Score 100 Runs

Try to determine which batsman will score a century to win this bet. Look at the players’ recent form and their records against opponent teams to make an accurate guess.

Most Run Outs

One cricket bet type is the Most Run Outs Bet. This bet can be placed on any match, whether a Test, one-day, or Twenty20. To place a Most Run Outs Bet, choose which team you guess will have the most run-outs during the match. Once you have selected a team, you have to select how much your financial call will be. The amount of investment you bet will determine your potential winnings.

Odd or Even Runs

This bet is guessing whether the total runs scored by a team will end in an even or odd number.

Most Sixes

It is a bet where you predict which batsman will hit the most sixes in an inning or match. It can be a good call if you have researched and know which batsmen are hitting form and likely to go big. You can also find good value on this bet as the bookies sometimes need to price it correctly.


Here is the basic idea of the cricket bet types available to us. There are other betting types also available, but these are the basics. However, remember to research the teams, tournaments, pitches, weather conditions, and captains before you place your bets. It will maximize your chances of winning. An online bet is always risky. So, be well-researched before you go placing a bet. Your security must the focused mainly. Anyways, join a betting site and enjoy placing bets.

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