What Are The Restricted Items Inside A Cricket Stadium?

If you’re planning to watch any cricket match inside the stadium for the first time, then you need to be aware of the rules and regulations.

What are the restricted items inside a cricket stadium? Important Facts To Know

If you’re planning to watch any cricket match inside the stadium for the first time, then you need to be aware of the rules and regulations. Mainly, you should know the items that viewers are allowed and restricted to bring inside the stadium. Abiding by the guidelines ensures the safety and comfort of the audience as well as the security officials to maintain the smooth flow of the game. 

Every cricket fan is allowed to carry the printout of their match tickets, smartphones, wallets, caps, vehicle keys with keychains, fan posters, and sunglasses. At the same time, you should avoid bringing things such as outside food and beverages, electronic devices, weapons, explosives, glass items, and so on…

Finally, the time has come to familiarize yourself with the important guidelines so that you can have a memorable experience of watching the live action of the match for the first time inside the stadium.

Prohibited Items inside a cricket stadium

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned items that are restricted inside a cricket stadium:

1. Junk Items:

Things such as coins, pens, bottles, pencils, helmets, selfie sticks, cans, sprays, balloons, wooden sticks, and several other similar objects are considered junk, which is strictly forbidden inside the stadium.

2. Dangerous Items:

These are the 5 main dangerous materials that spectators shouldn’t even think of carrying inside a stadium:

  • Weapons and Explosives: Any kind of weapons such as pistols, knives, swords, heavy-advanced guns, and other dangerous objects are restricted. Also, explosives like matchboxes, firecrackers, and numerous other items should be avoided to ensure the safety of everyone inside the stadium. 
  • Alcohol and Drugs: Several stadiums across the world have strictly warned against the consumption of alcohol and drugs within the premises.
  • Glass containers: There are higher chances that the glass containers could break inside the stadium and harm others. 
  • Laser Pointers: The officials have banned laser pointers since they can distract players’ attention and interrupt the game’s flow.
  • Large-Sized Bags: The security checks have become much stricter and spectators carrying larger bag sizes wouldn’t be entertained at all. However, small-sized handbags and purses are allowed inside the stadium only after a detailed inspection.
  • Tobacco-related products: Certain tobacco-related products like cigarettes, gutkha, hookahs, pipe tobacco, and several others on the list are strictly not allowed inside the stadium.

3. Restrictions on Foods and Beverages:

Often there are restrictions on certain types of food and beverages due to security and safety reasons. It includes canned drinks and bottles and outside catering foods. To maintain hygiene, every spectator will have the choice to explore and have their favorite foodstuff inside the stadium. 

4. Electronic Devices:

Apart from your smartphones or cameras, any kind of electronic items shouldn’t be carried inside the stadium:

  • Laptops: Portable electronic devices like laptops that operate with the help of charged storage batteries for long hours, are strictly prohibited due to the safety concerns of the spectators.
  • Recording Devices: Although smartphones and cameras are allowed inside the stadium only for personal use, you wouldn’t get permission to record the live footage of the match to prevent unauthorized recording, which might violate broadcasting rights.
  • Power Banks or other charging devices: Equipment such as power banks and other types of charging devices are restricted inside the stadium. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged before entering the stadium so that you may not be required to rely on power banks.

5. Pets:

If you’re a pet lover and prefer traveling along with your pets to several places, then cricket stadiums aren’t a suitable venue for you. This is because bringing pets inside a crowded place can pose a threat to both the animal creatures (dogs, cats, parrots, monkeys, etc.) and the human spectators.

Also, allowing pets can lead to personal hygiene problems if waste disposal and cleanliness aren’t managed properly. Moreover, there might be a few spectators who might be allergic to pets.

 If you desire to attend a cricket match stadium, but still have a fear of leaving your pet alone at home, then it is best to consider arranging for pet care or boarding services. But, you need to plan according to your timings inside a stadium.

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Overall Facts

Understanding the practical issues faced by the fans, the management has decided to allow spectators to purchase foods and beverages from the stalls inside the stadium at a reasonable price, since carrying water bottles isn’t permitted within the premises. 

BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and other nation’s boards have decided to provide complimentary mineral drinking water and refreshing drinks to the audience attending the matches inside the stadium. As a result, fans feel hydrated and can enjoy the thrilling action of the match.

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