What Does a Test Match Mean in Cricket?

Find out what a test match means in the world of cricket in this post. Check out the entire article for more information.

Test crickets are played off between 11 players. They face off in five days. Within these five days, the players very skillfully showed their talents and way of playing. These five days of tests are known as tests in Cricket. Test match crickets are usually first-class Cricket at the international level and represent their country. The match is played within four innings and scheduled for five days. In test matches, there is no limit to gaining the scores.

The main objective of test cricket is to gain more runs than the opposition team. Test matches are different under the side of the batting, and the bowling side is taken in all ten of the targeted wickets. If the total score is not reached, and the wickets are still not taken off, it is declared a draw.

History of test match:

The playing of Cricket was generated in England, and it began to play in the 18th century. In the early international period, Cricket was disrupted by the French revolution. In the previous history, the test match was played in five days. But in modern-day Cricket, the matches are dealt with within four days and generally are played with a strong team with the weaker side. A minimum of 90 overs are played, and the two teams have the playing of each inning, in the case of first-class Cricket, which includes a win, draw and a tie. The tie is the rarest thing that has happened in a test match. Maximum wins are presented from the batting side and are passed off from the opponent’s score.

Structure of the test match:

The match begins with a toss that is presented between the captains of both teams. The home captain will toss the coin, and the skipper will call off for the heads and tails, in the case of the session, which is dealt with within the day of the test match and split between the three sessions. The sessions are morning, afternoon, and evening. It lasts up to two hours. For every gameplay, it is associated with a break.

The following breaks are divided into lunch and tea time. The morning session is the lunch break lasting up to 40 minutes. The tea will be taken within 20 minutes at the end of the afternoon session. Overs and new balls, as mentioned before that the overs played for only 90 overs and scheduled each day. If the overs are not completed, then the cut-offs will be conducted. The game will continue unless a distraction occurs, like rain force, light issues, and many more. At the beginning of the test match, the fielding will be done with a new ball and is intended to create 80-over spells. After the end of 80 overs, the following fielding team will continue with the ball and elect one from them.

How was the decision made in the test match?

In a test match, the decisions are made and revised by the Decision Review System section. In the following case, the two umpires will be the arbiters of the play. But in modern Cricket, they are followed with some assistance. In 2011, the two teams introduced the DRS, and dismissals or other dysfunctions were caught. In every possible case, the reviews and the innings are made and updated for proper decisions.

Test matches being the best:

There are matches involving day and T20 matches. The majority of the followers will feel that test matches are the best. At that, the cricketers come out in their best forms and tend to break records. At that time, the batters are required to score the most runs, and also it gets detected how the players maintain their stamina and patience in the game. In the five-long-days match, the entire examination of a player gets detected by the high authority. The same goes for the bowlers who have the ability to take more wickets. The actual fans of test crickets get to understand the twists and turns of the match. The test match basically manifests in the playing ability. The countries with the test status are,

  • England
  • Australia
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • West Indies
  • Zimbabwe
  • Ireland
  • Afghanistan


In this way, the test match forms different speculation and conflict in the relation. Test matches are vital to understanding the game plot and the capacity of the players. It will also display their capabilities and therefore be judged to bring playing in the international matches.

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