What Does the Book Set in Cricket Betting Mean?

You can find out what the book set means in cricket betting by reading this blog post. To get all the information, read this article.

Now, the first thing that you have to understand is that sports/cricket betting is a lot like the share market. A lot of people might not agree with this, but it is the truth. You analyze the situation, make an educated guess about the outcome, and earn money from it. In cricket, you have to consider a lot of factors like weather, pitch report, strengths, team combination and weakness of players, spin and pace combination, player form, past records, etc.

Even after analyzing all these things, you can only sometimes predict the winner. However, the cricket book set is an idea that holds an important role. Nowadays, a very common question is arriving: what is the significance of a book set? Even the newcomers are looking for the exact meaning of the book set in betting. Here we will discuss the idea of the book set and explain the facts accordingly.

Cricket Book set:

A hedging bet known as a cricket book set in betting is also called a loss-cut or trading bet. Cricket bettors in India frequently use it. Regardless of a game’s outcome, it is a tool to ensure that bettors do not lose money. You need to become familiar with several local phrases, such as “Lagana” (backing) and “khana,” to understand cricket betting in India (laying).

On the other hand, a loss-cut bet is a trading wager you place to reduce losses after placing your initial wager. An illustration In India vs Australia T20 match, you place a wager on India. As the game continues, it becomes clear that Australia is winning it. Either bet on Australia to make up for your losses or pray for a miracle, so your initial wager pays out. There is a chance that the odds you get to place on Australia would not be as excellent as the wager you made initially, but you may make up for that by betting more money.

How to Set Book in Cricket Betting?

Cricket online betting terminologies may often be difficult to understand and even confusing, especially if you are a newcomer to betting. However, a minimum knowledge of the basics of betting and different types of bets goes a long way in helping you earn some money. How to set the book in cricket betting? Let’s try to understand.

Setting a book in cricket is the same as hedging your bets. It is to assure you that no matter what the output of the match is, you can win at least a few dollars. Let’s try to understand the cricket book setting with an example.

Suppose the Australian team is starting as a favorite in a match between India and Australia. So, you place a `back’ bet, which means you place a bet for Australia to win. As the game progresses, the Indian team plays well and has a shot at winning. At that juncture, you can place a `lay’ bet on Australia, meaning that you place a bet on Australia to lose. The amount you wager on your `lay’ bet depends on your initial `back’ bet and the prevailing odds when you place the bet.

The stake for your second bet should be sufficient to cover your losses, if they do occur, and leave you with some profit. Therefore, at the end of the game, no matter if Australia wins or loses, you will win some money or at least break even. This is how the cricket book set works for you.


When you are proceeding toward any gambling game, it is definitely a risky one to start. But when you know the platform from every edge, you might get lower chances of being trapped. A cricket book set also is something that you should know before making a big bet. If your intention is 100% professional, and if you want to earn money through the online cricket betting platform the impact of the book set is remarkable, as your probable monetary luck might depend on it. Moreover, you can call it a money security tool that ensures that you won’t face huge financial losses.


So, we hope you understand the cricket book set and the procedure for setting it. In fact, setting a book is easier on betting exchanges like Betfair as they allow for both `back’ and `lay’ bets. Book setting requires some complex calculations, so be sure you understand the bets correctly and have your stakes worked out for both bets correctly, or you might end up losing money on both bets.

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