What Exactly is Off Spin Bowling in Cricket?

This post contains information about what is off-spin bowling. Check out this article until the end to learn more about it.

The cricket game depends on the ball. Balling is the weapon of the players to win the game. On the playing field, the baller can through the various types of the ball. At the same time, that may be off spin or any other ball. The ball has the power to change the batter’s mind. In other words, we also say the game situation. The baller is the main part of the game. The off spin bowling can use various tricky balls, which is helpful to confuse the batter. Due to this, the batter cannot maintain balance in the field. It is also one of the major reasons for the team’s loss.  

In the finger spin, the baller can use various techniques. The ball may also call as the off-spin. They are playing by using the technique. The baller makes the game simple and easy. So in any hard situation, off spin bowling by the finger spinner is more helpful for the baller. While from 1970, the interest of Indian citizens in cricket increased significantly. It happens when few new spinners can include in the team. Off spin, the ball is through by using the technique. The information relevant to the various types of off-spin balls is given below in the sequence.

Arm Ball:

The one straight delivery out swinging ball is popular as the arm ball. At the same time, it is also a variant type of the off-spin ball. The off spin bowling can deliver by using the roll figure. The figure is down of the ball at the time of the release. The ball is never able to turn much. In other words, we also say the travel in the direction of the arm. The ball can normally use in the surprise delivery form by the off-spinner.

Carrom Ball:

The carrom ball can include the type of spin ball. While in the past, the ball can also call as the Sodukku ball. The Indian citizen suggests this name. The ball is through like the disc flicking on the carrom. The name can declare as the off spin bowling carrom due to the use of the finger. The ball will travel in a straight base. The degree of the grip of the ball is toward the leg side. So the ball travels straight or turns at the leg or the offside. This balling method can also use in 1970 by Ravichandran in India. Similarly, that is the Asian world cup match of the year 2008. The name Sodukka is given from that time.


The doosra ball is famous as the off-spinner. One of the default delivery faces by batman. In contrast, the ball force the batter to play the poor or the mistimed shot by the off spin bowling. The term doosra means the other ball in various languages. The languages include Hindi and Urdu, and the last one is Bengali. The ball can spin from the left side to the off side. The ball mostly gives the proper impact on batman. The impact of the ball can easily show on batman’s body. So batman reacts in an unexpected way to respond to the ball.

Ball as the Top Spinner:

The top spinner ball is through by the expert baller. The reason for that is it is one of the hard-range balls. The ball can be delivered by using both the finger and the wrist spinner. It will release from the top of the finger. It causes the spin in the air toward batman. The off-spinner mostly tries to out the batter by using various techniques.

Off-Spin or the Leg-Spin:

Spin balls depend on the two techniques. The techniques are the off-spin or the leg spin. At the same time, the difference between off spin bowling and the leg spin ball can easily be understood by the delivery’s direction. The right-arm leg spinner mostly turns the ball to the offside from the leg. Similarly, it is only possible when we ball to the right-hand batman. In other words, we also say as the off-spin ball is completely in the opposite direction.

One of the reasons to declare the leg spin different is that they left the wrist to impart on the ball. The ball can easily turn from the leg to the off side. While the off spin bowling ball also depends on the wrist. Due to this reason, the ball can also call as the wrist spinner. The off-spinner is mostly also known as the finger spinner. The spinner can easily differentiate due to the use of the wrist spinner.


The ball is the weapon of the team to win the cricket game. The various types of balls can use by the player. The batter has to face the ball. In other words, we also say to respond to them positively. At the same time, the detail regarding the various types of off spin bowling balls is given above. As the player or the cricket lover, you only have to check out the detail. For more info, you also have the opportunity to visit the website and get the latest update.

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