What Is A Doping Test In Cricket – Explained

Doping test in cricket is a compulsory and necessary part of maintaining the integrity, fairness, and righteousness of the sport.

What is the Doping Test in Cricket? Obtaining Therapeutic Use Exemptions in Doping Test: Explained!

Doping test in cricket is a compulsory and necessary part of maintaining the integrity, fairness, and righteousness of the sport. Usually, these tests are performed to find any presence of prohibited substances in the player’s body which might give them an unfair advantage. However, the ICC (International Cricket Council) and other Anti-Doping Agencies, have made their strong framework to keep doping away from cricket.

Let us further discuss the evolution importance, evolution, and innovation of doping tests in cricket. Also, about the Doping control process and Therapeutic Use Exemptions in doping tests.

About Dope Test or Doping Test in Cricket

The dope test or doping test is the same and in cricket, it is solely designed to check whether a player is consuming prohibited substances (could be drugs or any doping substances).

Generally, all athletes undergo this doping test, and also cricket players. Hence, the main objective is to make sure of fair gameplay and maintain fairness in the sport.

Evolution of Doping Test in Cricket:

If we dive into history, doping was never a concern in cricket and no one thought about it. But, as the number of players and competition increased, fitness levels became an important factor.

As a result, to maintain their energy and hold their performance for a longer time, a few players opted for risky doping methods.

Therefore, the ICC (International Cricket Council) had decided to adopt the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) Anti-Doping Code. Nowadays, frequent checkups and dope testing are conducted in tournaments.

Also, surprise tests are conducted anytime in a year to maintain strict vigilance and integrity of the sport.

Importance of Doping Test in Cricket

We all know that cricket is a sport that requires great stamina. Especially during the longer cricket formats.

Hence, some player might take prohibited substances or drugs to enhance their energy and performance for a long time.

Therefore, this doping test in cricket ensures player’s safety as well as the fair play of the sport.

The Doping Control Process:

● Choosing Players for the Doping Test:

It is not that tests would be conducted only on a doubt basis, but players are randomly chosen for doping tests. Sometimes, only specific players are chosen as targets depending on their available information.

● Notifying the Players:

After the player is selected for a dope test, they are notified quickly about it. Also, the player after testing needs to maintain his presence within the tester’s sight.

● Collecting the Samples:

Firstly, the player’s urine samples are collected. It is important to note that the players should produce the sample by attending the testing place directly and getting tested right there under the tester’s observation.

● Splitting the Collected Samples:

After the samples are collected, it is split into A and B containers. Also, this is kept as a backup for safety if at all a re-test might be necessary.

● Collected Samples Packaging

Each of the tested samples is securely packed and sealed. As a result, it guarantees and makes sure that the sample is not tampered with before testing in the lab.

● DCF (Doping Control Form) before Transporting the Samples

The respective player must complete the documentation procedures of DCF which is known as the Doping Control Form. This process has to be done before the sample is sent to the laboratory for testing.

● Transporting the Samples

The collected samples are safely transported to accredited laboratories of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), which maintains high analysis standards.

● Sample Analysis in the Laboratory:

Firstly, the split sample ‘A’ undergoes testing. After this sample test result shows positive, sample ‘B’ is further tested closely for confirmation.

● Lab Test Result Notification:

Players whose result shows ‘Negative’ are notified through their respective cricket boards. Whereas, players whose results show ‘Positive’ results will have more procedures and detailed processes.

What Happens if a Player’s Doping Test Results as ‘POSITIVE’?

When a player undergoes a dope test and his results show ‘POSITIVE’ then a further thorough investigation is initiated.

Also, during these procedures, the players hold the following rights where they can:

  • Request for a ‘Re-Test’ or to test their Sample ‘B’.
  • Be present during the sample ‘B’ opening.
  • Get a detailed analysed lab report.
  • Appeal or Request to Re-Verify their result showing ‘Positive’.

During the Re-Testing or Sample ‘B’ testing, if the players are found guilty, they will be suspended. However, the suspension period depends on the substance and level of prohibition. On top of that, players will face many other consequences such as financial penalties.

What are TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions)?

In some unavoidable situations, due to a genuine medical need players use substances that are present on the prohibited list. Therefore, in such cases, the players should have a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

Hence, having this exemption allows players to take their necessary medication without any allegations or doping charges.

Also, obtaining TUE confirms that the usage is justified because it is approved by respective authorities.

Latest Innovations of Doping Tests in Cricket

Nowadays, using the latest advanced technology the accuracy is improved to greater levels. One of the latest addition to these are the ‘Biomarker tests’.

Using the Biomarker Test a player’s biological markers can be thoroughly monitored. As a result, this method indirectly indicates the presence of a doping substance and increases the chances of detection.

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Overall, a doping test is a compulsory and mandatory procedure in cricket. As a result, it helps maintain the integrity of the sport. Also, it is concerned about players’ health and their healthy well-being.

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