What Is a Teesra Ball and How Do You Bowl It in Cricket?

Read on to find out what a Teesra ball is and how to bowl it in cricket. See this post if you want to learn more about it!

We are talking about the amazing game of cricket and its balls. Teesra balling is declared as the amazing type of ball bowled by one of the off-spinner. Mostly the off-spinner balling first touched the land and moved in the sequence. The leg stump mostly moves the ball after touching the land. Moreover, the off-spinner uses various tricks while balling, as well as if we talk about the doosra ball.

So the doosra ball moves in an opposite direction. In other words, we say both the balling trick is opposite. Similarly, the third variety of the Teesra ball. The ball which through at a fast speed rather than other balls. Moreover, the ball is through much quicker than the previous two.

Bowler Saqlain Mushtaq develops the Teesra ball review. There is some confusion regarding the balls. Similarly, according to the review of the observer, the Teesra Ball is mostly similar to the back pinner. In other words, we also call it the arm ball. The slow bowler delivers both of the balls with the high-speed limit. Suppose we talk about the sequence. The off-spinner delivered the first ball.

Similarly, the doosra comes next to it, and the Teesra is the third one. In other words, the jalebi ball is at a straight angle due to the bowlers’ action. The bowler never changes their while Bowler, but the ball action changes automatically. Due to the ball flow, the batter cannot respond to the ball.

Teesra Ball Delivery:

The delivery of the Teesra bowling is possible with the grip. It is just similar to the convention of spinning delivery. The ball moves horizontally across the hand. Similarly, the ball is covered with the ring and index finger due to the movement. The basic purpose of the ball is to confuse the batter during the batting. As well as waste the various ball of the team to win. 

Moreover, regarding the key elements of the Teesra Ball. While during the conventional off-spring delivery. The bowler rotates the finger over the ball before dropping. In the Teesra ball, the bowler never allows twisting and flicking. Moreover, the bowler rolls their finger down to the ball. The batter’s point is that the ball is rotating and spinning. Commonly the spin ball is converted into the backspin ball after dropping. The type of ball will travel on the existing arc at high speed.

Comparing Doosra and the Teesra Ball:

As we know, the doosra ball mostly moves around the leg of the batter. Delivery completely changes the bowler’s action. Moreover, the Teesra Ball is just like the spin. Suppose the spin is available while balling, so the ball will be in the slight form. The ball will travel more quickly and go straight to the arm position.

The older batter gives the name. While the doosra ball is considered the other one, we say the second one. As well as, Saqlain declared the Teesra Ball as the third one. Move over the name jalebi is given by the commentator. Similarly, the back spinner is given due to the spin on the ball and travels through the air.

These delivery of the ball are leading over a hundred years. But according to the Saqlain review, Teesra ball was still in progress. As well as the ball also confuses the batsman. While in the Teesra Ball, the ball s released so that it spins toward the bowler. So due to the force effect, the ball moves in a flat form. At the pitching point of the ball, the ball gets slow.

Due to the changes, batman’s unable to face the ball and leaves without playing. As most people know, a spinner ball is a stock delivery ball. Usually, after that, the ball turns toward the leg stump. As we all know, most bowlers have a special variation. The special variation of the off-spinner is the Doosra Ball. It means the ball spins in the other way. Moreover, it is also similar to stock delivery.


The game depends on the balling and the betting. In the above information, we discussed the two different balls. The name just knows the ball of Doosra or Teesra. While the cricket lover mostly wants to know about the balls. For more info, you have the opportunity to visit its website to get the latest about the game. Therefore, you need to go through the details in this article. At the same time, don’t worry about trying Doosra and Teesra balls by yourself.

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