What is Fast Bowling Means in Cricket Sport?

In this post, you will learn what fast bowling means in cricket. If you want to know everything about it, read this guide.

Bowling is the basic term of cricket. At the same time, the player can use various types of bowling. Types of bowling can use to win the game. In other words, we also say as fast bowling is critical for the batter to face or respond. The style of the ball in which the ball can deliver with high speed is known as the fastball. The bowler who practices the style only knows how to through the ball.

The fastball is through in the speed. Due to this, the player will not be able to respond to the ball in most cases. The batter can confuse most balls. The various types of fast bowling are bouncer, outswinger, inswinger, reverse swing, leg, off-cutter, Yorker, and last one is the slow ball. More detail regarding the fastball is given below. Similarly, a variety of balls can include in the fastball. The ten common types of balls will discuss below.

Pace Ball:

One of the fastballs is known as the pace ball. The ball is through with the exclusive speed. The only reason is to confuse the batman to get the wicket. At the same time, the fast bowler can use 90 miles per hour to deliver fast bowling. It is one of the best balls to challenge the batter. The common issue during the balling is the low-air environment. Due to this, most time, the ball move in a different direction.in this case, the new batter will struggle, but the expert batter can easily respond.

Bouncer Ball:

One of the short-pitch delivery is known as the bouncer ball. At the same time, the ball is flowing toward batman’s upper body. In other words, it can also consider the wrong shot. The batter also causes out if the ball hits below. The ball is critical to face the batter. 

Slow Ball:

One of the amazing terms used to determine the all-slow delivery, the slow ball, is one technique that can confuse the batter. Due to the technique, the batter will confuse and imagine it as the average mode ball. At the same time, the ball gets slow after the mid-space and causes the batter out.

Leg Cutter:

One of the fastballs is also popular as the leg cutter ball. The bowler drops the ball by focusing on the leg. One of the reasons for the focus is to cross the ball from the leg to get the player out. In most cases, the player gets out because they hurry to respond to the fast bowling. Conversely, the batter ignores the ball to keep them self-secure. While in both cases, the bowler gets the benefit. As the batter gets out or the better cannot secure the run. In other words, it can also call as an extra pace weapon.

Off Cutter:

One of the spinner delivery can consider as the off-cutter. In other words, it also calls as the quick bowler version. At the same time, the ball is moved from the off leg. The off-leg situation mostly does not appear for the batter. One reason the player is ready to respond is the fast bowling. So the ball can automatically touch the uniform of the cricketer. In the case of the elbow touch, the batter easily gets out. Similarly, in the other case, the batter gives an excellent response and makes a huge run.

Yorker Ball:

One of the amazing balls is famous as the Yorker delivery. At the same time, the delivery of the ball is possible in the full-pitch situation. The situation is mostly held at the finishing of the game. The complete surrounding space can cover by the various player. The player is standing to stop the batter from running. In the other case also cover the space to get out the players. Similarly, in an unexpected situation, the batter can throw the ball in the upper direction to get a huge amount of run.

Swing Ball:

The swing ball is one technique that moves the ball in the air. In comparison, the inswings ball moves nearest from the batman’s stump. In the outswing fast bowling situation, it takes away from batman. You can say that the side of the batter. In both situations, the batter cannot respond to the ball. So they normally ignore the ball.


Cricket is one of the most famous games in the world wide. While balling can declare the backbone of cricket. Fast bowling is one of the best techniques to play. Due to the ball, the player gets out early. In the other case, the player cannot secure the run. The detail regarding the various types of fastballs is mentioned above. As a cricket lover, you only have to check out the above detail. In the other case, for more info, you can check out the latest update regarding the game.

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