What is Leg Spin Bowling in Cricket Sport?

Read this to learn more about what leg spin bowling means in cricket. Check out this article for the answer and explanation.

Cricket is generally famous for its batters. However, bowlers also play a huge role in winning games for any team. Spin bowlers have always been a crucial part of any team. Some skippers try to use them as an attacking option. While others aim to keep the flow of runs in check. Leg spin bowling is a type of spin bowling in cricket. A leg spinner bowls the right arm with a wrist spin action. It causes the ball to spin from right to left on the cricket pitch at the point of delivery. 

It is an art not many masters in cricket. Though there have some leg spinners than their contraries, the formers have often dominated the sport of cricket. According to Graeme Swann, a leg spin is the most difficult thing to do in cricket. The skill level is above and beyond anything else. It isn’t easy to be consistent. 

Leg Spin Bowling:

It is a form of spin bowling in cricket. In leg spin bowling, the ball deviates after pitching on the leg side of a right-hand batter towards the off side. In this way, the revolutions produce with the use of the wrist. Unlike in the case of off-spin, players mostly use their fingers to get the turn off the pitch. Since the ball tends to move away from the batter, it becomes challenging to play in the line of the ball. 

Speed of the Ball in Leg Spin:

As with all spinners, leg spin bowlers deliver the ball far slower, between 70 to 90 km/h or 45 to 55 mph, than fast bowlers. However, the fastest leg spinners sometimes deliver 100km/h or 60mph. Generally, leg spinners use variations of flight by sometimes looping the ball in the air. It will allow any cross-breeze and the aerodynamic effects of the spinning ball.

It will cause the ball to dip and drift before bouncing and spinning sharply. While it is difficult to bowl accurately, good leg spin bowling is considered one of the most threatening forms of bowling to batting against. Since the flight and sharp turn make the movement of the ball very difficult to read, and the turn away from the batter is more dangerous than the turn into the batter produced by an off-spinner.

Way to Grip the Ball for Leg Spin Delivery:

It is undeniable that the leg-spin is a very difficult form of bowling. Highly skilled leg spinners can deliver a ball that behaves unexpectedly, including googly. To grip the ball for leg spin bowling, you need to place the ball into the palm with the seam parallel to the palm. After that, the first two fingers spread and grip the ball. Then the third and fourth fingers close together and rest against the side of the ball. However, the first bend of the third finger should grasp the seam. 

Your thumb resting against the side is up to you but should impart no pressure. The third finger will apply most of the spin when the ball is delivered. Your wrist cock as it comes down by the hip. It moves sharply from right to left as the ball releases, adding more spin. In this way, the ball tosses up to give flight. The batter will see the hand with the palm facing towards them when the ball is released.

Leg Spin Ball is challenging to Play:

There are different reasons why leg-spin bowlers are more challenging to face or get more wickets than off-spinners. It is because leg spinners get more twists on the ball. It will allow them to get more drift in the flight. With that help, reading those off their hands gets very difficult. As a result, the batter stays in limbo to go for it or not. Not only this, but the leg spin bowlers also have more in their arsenal to deliver than the finger spinners. The various types of leg spin bowling are leg break, googly, zoster, top spinner, flipper, and many more. What is worse in the case of a batter? Of course, there is not much of a change in the bowling action. It will keep them guessing at the other end, sometimes a wicketkeeper.

Famous Leg Spin Bowlers of All Time:

There are many great leg spin bowlers in cricket history. They play a huge role in most wins of their teams. In fact, during their tenure, they were an integral part of their teams. Some of the leading leg spin bowlers of all time are Abdul, Qadir, Muttiah Muralitharan, Shane Warne, Anil Kumble, Saqlain Mushtaq, R Aswin, Rangana Herath, Jim Laker, and Graeme Swann.


A strong bowling attack gives a huge benefit to any team in cricket. Therefore, all great teams focus on their batters and work hard on their bowlers. Leg spin bowling is the most difficult form of spin bowling. In addition, leg spin bowlers have always been a crucial part of any team.

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