10 Cricketers With Zero Haters Around The World

10 Cricketers with Zero Haters Around The World: From Ab De Villiers to Kane Williamson

Cricket is popularly known as a gentleman’s game and most of the cricketers have played the sport in such a gentle manner. Amidst the hated players, there are certain cricketers with zero haters, who received pure love from all their fans during the ups and downs of their careers.

Many nations consider cricket as a religion. After a certain point, it is common for players to exhibit aggressive behavior on the field, especially when the situation becomes unfavorable for them.

At the same time, there are few cricketers with zero haters because of their monk-like behavior in extreme pressurized situations of a match. As a result, these players justify the true meaning of a gentleman’s game and maintain the sport’s dignity at the international level.

10 Best International Cricketers with Zero Haters around the World

Here is the complete list of classy cricketers with zero haters globally who received immense support from all fans:

1. Ab de Villiers (SOUTH AFRICA):

Popularly known as the 360-degree batsman, Ab de Villiers has entertained fans with his exceptional batting style. He portrays true sportsmanship with a smile on his face, even in the toughest moments of a match.

ABD is one of the former South African cricketers with zero haters. Despite losing the ICC World Cup 2015 semi-finals against the Kiwis, he received a lot of encouragement and praise from his fans.

2. Chris Gayle (WEST INDIES):

Many fans with immense love and affection tagged Chris Gayle as the “Universe Boss”. The former West Indies batsman is well-known for his power-hitting abilities and striking maximum sixes to score huge runs.

During an IPL match against Pune Warriors, Gayle scored a blistering 81 runs from 48 balls (including 4 fours and 8 sixes). That time, he accidentally broke a girl’s nose while smashing huge sixes at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

Eventually, he visited the 11-year-old girl at a private hospital, who was undergoing treatment. Also, Gayle presented the medal to her for hitting the maximum sixes in that match.

Perhaps, it is among the prime reasons why fans hail Gayle as one of the kind-hearted Jamaican cricketers with zero haters.

Moreover, he makes fans chuckle during the match with his funny dancing moves.

3. Rahul Dravid (INDIA):

As an honest and friendly cricketer, Rahul Dravid is among the Indian cricketers with zero haters referring to him as the gentleman of cricket. His techniques to drive the ball and perform calmly under tricky situations are truly exceptional.

After losing the 2023 World Cup finals, Dravid received huge support from fans and many experts suggested him continue as the Indian national cricket team head coach. The Indian cricket team achieved the longest winning streak in the 2023 ODI World Cup during his tenure.

4. Cheteshwar Pujara (INDIA):

Fans admire Cheteshwar Pujara for his composed batting style. He hasn’t lost his temper or been involved in any heated debate on-field during his entire career. At times, he single-handedly won many test matches for Team India.

Pujara is among those calm and cool Indian cricketers with zero haters, who can handle any pressurized situations by supporting his teammates.

5. Muttiah Muralitharan (SRI LANKA):

The former Sri Lankan off-spin bowler, Muttiah Muralitharan is regarded as the gifted hand. His ability to spin the bowl produces huge turns and variations. However, some critics discouraged his talent and planned to sideline him. But, he kept on shattering records and took 800 wickets in tests and 534 wickets in ODIs.

Muttiah is amongst the most respected international cricketers with zero haters by maintaining his composure throughout the game.

6. Adam Gilchrist (AUSTRALIA):

Australia’s former captain Adam Gilchrist is known as another gentleman of the game. He is a perfect example of a leader, who guides his team from the front and holds his calmness.

Gilchrist is one of those Australian cricketers with zero haters globally, who maintains a million-dollar smile at all times.

7. Ashish Nehra (INDIA):

The former Indian pace bowler Ashish Nehra has grabbed the attention of many fans with his epic bowling spell of 6-23 against England in the 2003 World Cup.

His sense of humor makes him one of the liable Indian cricketers with zero haters all over the world.  Also, his valuable suggestions as an experienced cricketer to a team’s captain have proven to be a game-changing moment in any cricket match many times.

8. Kumar Sangakkara (SRI LANKA):

The ex-Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara has never displayed his emotions publicly. One such instance was during the 2011 Cricket World Cup finals. Despite losing the tournament, he maintained a smile on his face when the entire Indian cricket team celebrated the winning moment.

Sangakkara is one of those Sri Lankan cricketers with zero haters, as he never showed any frustration to his teammates in his entire career.

9. Hashim Amla (SOUTH AFRICA):

The former South African opening batsman Hashim Amla has a monk-like behavior and doesn’t react to any severe criticism.

When former Australian cricketer Dean Jones ridiculed Amla’s bear by calling him a “terrorist”, he never responded. Rather, the Proteas opener maintained his values.

Moreover, he is the only South African batsman to achieve triple centuries in a test career. Additionally, he scored 17,000 runs both in tests and ODIs.

Ultimately, Amla is among the South African cricketers with zero haters and massive followers.

10. Kane Williamson (NEW ZEALAND):

The Kiwis’ skipper Kane Williamson can certainly win the award of “gentleman of the game”.

Kane is one of those cricketers with zero haters and fans show true affection and support to him at all times. For instance, when England won the 2019 World Cup finals, he elegantly accepted the loss.

Despite England winning the World Cup, Kane easily won millions of hearts worldwide. Mainly, the New Zealand skipper remains calm during the on and off-field, even after achieving success and remarkable records in cricket at peak levels. 

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