5 Top Tips For Fast Bowling- Learn To Bowl Fast

When it comes to fast bowling, you require a considerable amount of hard work integrated with dedication and effective strategies.

5 Crucial Tips To Master The Art Of Fast Bowling

It is often said that a great batsman can help you win high-scoring matches. At the same time, a great bowler can assist in defending low-scoring totals in several matches of a tournament. Especially, the pacers, who have mastered the techniques of fast bowling, having the ability to make use of swing and seam can pose a formidable challenge to a batter. Consequently, several batters fear not losing their wickets, hoping that the ball doesn’t hit straight on the batting pads or strike the edge of the bat to get caught behind by the keepers.

When it comes to fast bowling, you require a considerable amount of hard work integrated with dedication and effective strategies. In simpler terms, you possess some special inner abilities to become the best pace bowler in the world. This is possible by developing the five main fast bowling techniques in the initial stages of your cricketing career. 

Five Main Strategies to Become the Best Fast Bowler

As a beginner, you should include these five main bowling strategies in your daily practice sessions to become the world’s best fast bowler:

1. Effective Grip for fast bowling:

You might have observed that the leather cricket ball isn’t completely spherical. A stitching that joins the two leather halves running through the middle called a “seam” is built up that changes the ball’s shape and sticks out of the surface. If you throw the ball and land on the seam, the ball might change direction suddenly from its original path to trick the batter and force it to execute wrong shots.

You need to alter your ball gripping methods for these two types of seam movement such as:

  • Straight Seam: A straight seam can generate forward movement after bounce which can be effective during the powerplay overs, especially when handling the new ball that helps the seam with great height and stiffness. You need to place your index and middle finger on the seam by ensuring that your thumb rests below. This simple process requires hours of practice in the nets to become an expert.
  • Cross Seam: Typically, the cross seam is one such technique used by several pacers in death overs of limited overs cricket such as the One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). Although the method is the same as a straight seam, you have to alter the gripping position of the ball in your hand. You should hold the ball in a similar way as in the straight seam and rotate the ball by 90 degrees to ensure that the seam runs horizontally across your fingers. As a result, an extra bounce is generated and the ball doesn’t reach the bat perfectly, which can lead to caught dismissals.

2. Tuning your Run-Up:

Several fast bowlers maintain a long run-up that provides them plenty of options to gain speed before delivering balls to the batter. Whereas a few other bowlers prefer a shorter run-up.

It is important to practice with different speeds, lengths, and angles of your approach and fix on one method that remains natural.

 3. Wrist to generate speed:

While releasing the ball, rotate your wrist and observe the entire arm until it stops above your waist height to calculate your speed. You should give the ball a slight push that allows you to fully power with the ball, thereby contributing to your overall speed variation.

Most importantly, you should ensure not to lock your wrists by keeping them relaxed and facing upwards. It helps you to handle the ball and deliver in a comfortable position when you reach the end of your run-up. But, you should practice safely since moving through an extended range of motion at high speed can place additional stress on your wrist if you aren’t cautious.

4. Importance to speed over placement:

It is important to prioritize achieving maximum speed before you start fussing about line and length. Ensure to practice each delivery as fast as possible without losing your control. Eventually, high-speed accuracy will come once you have become successful in developing pace.

Also, you should apply extra effort to apply the same level of intensity in each delivery to refine your techniques naturally.

5. Modify the line of delivery and Yorker bowling techniques:

Make sure to change the bowling length of delivery and bowl at different lines to keep batsmen confused and trap them into committing a mistake.

A Yorker is one such delivery that lands directly or in front of a batsman’s feet. You should deliver the ball in the middle of the pitch so that it makes contact accurately at the popping crease. Bowling at perfect areas forces a batter to adjust their foot, which can either lead to hitting the wicket or lead to a leg-before-wicket dismissal. Since yorkers are one of the toughest deliveries in cricket,  you should undergo a lot of practice to effectively implement the strategies against the in-form batters. 

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