A Super Over in Cricket Sport Is Explained – What Is It?

This post will explain to you what is super over in cricket and also other important information.

Many of you may know the term “Super Over” in Cricket. However, since it is a relatively new part of the cricketing world, not all of us are entirely aware of what it is and how it works. So, in this article, we shall discuss a few things to know about a Super Over in Cricket and its basic rules.

What is a Super Over?

In Cricket, a Super Over is a method of determining the winner when an ODI or T20 match ends in a tie. Both the teams play an extra set of 6 balls. Then, the team that makes the highest number of runs is declared a winner. A Super Over is also popular as a one-over Eliminator.

However, several laws govern how this Super Over shall comply. So, let us understand the basic rules of Super Over.

Rules of a Super Over:

To truly understand how the Super Over is played, we first need to know the rules of a Super Over. So, here are some of the most basic rules that you should be aware of –

Each team is allowed One Over Each in a Super Over

You can think of a Super Over as a super shortened version of a cricket match. Both the teams are allowed a chance to bat for a maximum of Six deliveries or one over. The side that scores the most runs wins the Super Over as well as the match.

Both the teams are allowed a Maximum of 3 Batters during the Super Over

Both teams can have three players nominated for batting during the Super Over. Furthermore, each player has to be shared by the team captain before the Super Over starts. Thus, if a batting team loses two wickets before the Super Over gets over, their innings is considered finished.

The team Batted Last and bats first in the Super Over

This law is self-explanatory. The side that was chasing the run during the match now gets a chance to set the target of the Super Over.

It is seen as a benefit by some, but it neither offers any advantage nor a disadvantage to both two teams.

The same player cannot Bat and Bowl in a Super Over

Although the two skippers have complete liberty in choosing their players for the Super Over, they cannot choose the same player for both batting and bowling. So, a captain must nominate four players’ names for the special Super Over. These should include three batters and one bowler.

Fielding Team Chooses the Bowling End in the Super Over

You may not be aware that during the match, each over is bowled from different sides of the cricket pitch. These sides from which the bowler takes his runup to bowl a delivery is known as a bowling end.

During a Super Over, the bowling team captain can choose the end from which his bowlers would want to bowl the Super Over.

1 Unsuccessful Player Review in Each Inning of the Super Over

A successful player review occurs when the umpire’s ruling is determined to have been wrong upon review. It is also considered a failed player review if the umpire had made the right call. Each side is permitted one unsuccessful player review during the Super Over.

It implies that if the umpire is proven to be incorrect, a team may still contest the call.

Super Over must be Played on the Same Cricket Pitch

It is simple to overlook that a cricket pitch is frequently set up for a certain kind of cricket match. A pitch intended for an ODI or T20 match is prepared differently from one intended for a Test match.

But the pitch used for the Super Over needs to be the same one that was used for the contest.

The Super Over is won by the team scoring the most runs

Finding the winner is the aim of playing the Super Over. As a result, the side with the highest run total wins both the Super Over and the match. It is true regardless of how many wickets each side loses in the Super Over.

The Last Line:

One more important fact is that, during a Super Over, a new ball is not allowed. But the bowling team can change the bowl if the match-used ball is in a bad condition. However, a Super Over is introduced to finish a tied cricket match with an exact result. It decides the winner reasonably. Its impact on Cricket is significant.

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