Australian Gay Cricketers | LGBTQ+ community

Get to know here the Australian top cricketers who are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Before you explore the list of Australian Gay Cricketers, let me walk you through the other details. A person belonging to the LGBTQ+ Community will not dare to come forward in public gatherings. Such that accepting in public for the sport they love is beyond courage. It takes a lot of bravery to come out and shine like Steve Davies who was the first Gay cricketer to come out boldly.

Although after Steve Davies, many Gay cricketers have come to play their favorite sport. But Australia holds the highest number of LGBT Cricketers in comparison to other countries.

Here is the list of Australian Gay Cricketers who belong to the LGBT Community but are also top performers.

Megan Schutt

Australian bowler Megan Schutt announced herself as a Lesbian before the selectors included her for the senior team and married Jess Holyoake – a long-time girlfriend in March 2019.

Megan was raised in a humble and modest family. She was excellent in cricket from her school time. Also, she used to be good at studies and used to score good grades.

Jess and Megan met at Brisbane Cricket Center and declared their marriage on social media. Their wedding on 30th March 2019 happened in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. Meanwhile their friends, family, and other popular cricket personalities attended the wedding to support and bless this lovely couple.

Also, She posted on her official Instagram account about expecting her first child with Jes Holyoake. On 17th August 2021, Megan Schutt underwent a C-Section to welcome her daughter Rylee.

Undoubtedly, Megan Schutt was a good performer while she played for the National team. However, she’s been a good bowler since 2021.

Sarah Coyte

Sarah Coyte plays for Adelaide Strikers in the Women’s Big Bash League. Earlier she was affected by mental illness. Also, she suffered from Anorexia Nervosa but still never dropped out and she bravely continued playing cricket.

In February 2019, Sarah Coyte married her fiance Bec Cady, and beautifully led her happy married life. Although Sarah adopted her partner’s surname still the community calls her by maiden name. The beautiful couple adopted 8- year old Boy in July 2019. Sarah and Bec currently live in Camden, NSW, Australia.

Beyond being a cricketer, Sarah continues her profession as a Gym Trainer in Campbell Town.

Jess Jonassen

Being an established cricketer throughout her career, Jess Jonassen has captained teams – Brisbane Heat and Queensland Fire.

She started playing cricket during her schooling in her hometown Emerald, a town in Australia. At that time she used to play for the Boys Team as there were no girls’ cricket in that small town.

Further, Jess pursued Law and graduated in 2015. In January 2012, Jess made her international debut for Team Australia against New Zealand in a T20I match.

Undoubtedly, Jess Jonassen is currently Australia’s most popular cricketer to openly come forward as Gay.

Courtney Winfield-Hill

Courtney Winfield-Hill was a cricketer at once as she later became a Rugby League player. She was a talented pace bowler who has shifted her talent to another sport. Before she came into cricket, she worked as a school teacher.

During their childhood, Courtney’s younger sister used to call her by the name ‘Corker’ as she found it difficult to pronounce.

Courtney Winfield-Hill married her partner, an English Cricketer – Lauren Winfield. They have openly announced themselves as Gay. The couple married in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020. Family members, Friends, and other teammates attended their marriage to wish and bless them.

Male Professional Australian Gay Cricketers

There are NO male professional Australian Gay Cricketers currently playing for the national team. However, many positive strides are pushed towards including them in sports for the LGBTQ+ community.

Factors that lead to the Lack of openly Gay Cricketers

Although, many factors lead to the lack of openly Gay cricketers including the following points.

  • Historic culture

The Traditional and Historic culture of Cricket is seen as a masculine sport. This prevailed for many years. As a result, it creates an unwelcoming environment for players to come out openly and declare themselves as Gay.

  • Fear of Backlash and other Consequences

Players worry about coming out as it could harm their careers. They think it could lead to negative publicity or could affect their relationships with teammates, coaches, or fans.

  • Privacy concerns

Finally, one’s privacy concerns and personal decision matters the most. It is solely their wish whether they are willing to share their sexual orientation publicly or prefer to keep it private.

Positive Developments for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Cricket

Soon, we will witness positive developments for LBTQ+ inclusion in cricket. It will lead to a growing number of openly emerging gays in sports. This is like making way for more acceptance in cricket!

Also, it helps sports organizations to create more inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Concluding to Positive Inclusion of Gay Cricketers

As of now, there are no Male Australian Gay Cricketers but the developments happening will create an environment for that. Hopefully, we will witness more LGBTQ+ Players in the national team. Also, those players will be very comfortable playing their favorite sport.

It is very important to remember that every athlete deserves to feel safe, secure, and supported regardless of their sexual orientation. Australian Cricket along with other organizations across the globe are working to make cricket a more inclusive sport for everyone.

So let us hope for the best to happen soon and let us welcome all the upcoming talented players irrespective of their sexual orientation.

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