Cricket Betting Guide: How to Bet on Cricket?

Read through this entire cricket betting guide to learn how to bet on cricket games. Learn all you need to know and be instructed here.

Cricket has been a popular spectator sport since it began in southeast England in the 1600s. Because cricket is popular worldwide, bookmakers now offer odds on games from all over the world. This book contains important information about cricket betting guides and useful tips for betting on cricket. If you read our full online cricket betting guide, you will also learn how to avoid making some common mistakes when betting on cricket.

Betting Procedures in Cricket:

Both beginners and experts like to bet on cricket online. Find a bookie you can trust. The sportsbook must also let people bet on cricket games and tournaments, like the ICC Cricket World Cup. Bookmaker reviews give you a lot of information to help you choose a safe site to bet on.

People often bet on the outcome of a cricket match.

Cricket predictions are affected by access to markets. If you win, the person running the game will compare the score to what you predicted. If so, your bet will be paid out. This page details the most common ways to bet on cricket via the cricket betting guide.

Outright (Winner) Bets:

Outright Winner, also called “match betting,” is a common type of bet. For example, in a one-time Twenty20 match between Pakistan and Australia, you could place an “Outright Winner” bet on who would win. This market for cricket betting guide on cricket is one of the easiest you will find. But before making a sure prediction, you should learn as much as possible about both teams.


More people use the cricket handicap market. Bookmakers might favor the underdog to ensure everyone gets a fair deal. Handicaps let you take advantage of better odds that wouldn’t be as good without them. In an ODI, Scotland’s 400 against Oman is a good example.

Scotland’s chances and pay will both get worse. A -30.5-run handicap makes the odds better. Even with the handicap, your team’s chances are good. Scotland must cut down on its disadvantage if it wants to win.

Markets for Over/Under:

You can also look at the Over/Under market when making bets on sports events like the Cricket World Cup. One popular way to bet is to guess whether or not a match will have a certain number of wickets or runs. One of your main goals is to guess whether the total will be more or less than a certain goal.

Consider a Twenty-20 game between Sri Lanka and Australia. In some cases, the operator may say that the whole event is expected to have 295.5 runs. If you don’t think both teams will score that many runs, bet under 295.5.

First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting:

Look at the First Ball/First Over market if you want to bet on something that will happen immediately. In this market, you can bet whether the first ball will lead to a wicket or a four. Imagine that the Netherlands and England are playing a Twenty20 match. You might think that the first ball will be a home run. If that’s true, it’s good news. But some bookies might be more open-minded and let you bet on the First Over or the First Under.

Innings Run:

In an Innings bet, the goal is to correctly guess how many runs a team will score in its first turn at bat. This bet differs from others because you don’t have to guess a specific score. Instead, you have to guess whether the total number of runs will be more than or less than a certain number. For example, in a Twenty20 match between Ireland and New Zealand, you could bet on whether or not Ireland’s innings run rate would be higher than 4.5. If the team scores five runs, the over bet would be a winner. Remember that cricket betting guide sites offer this as a popular choice.

Player Bets:

With “player bets” markets, you can bet on a certain player. To sum up, the Indian Premier League’s Harshal Patel is a safe bet to be the best bowler in the game. Before putting your money on the line in any bet, you need to do your research. The good news is that your study might only require you to look at one player instead of the whole team.

Team Bets:

The idea of a team bet is completely different from a player bet. They don’t have a favorite team member. Instead, they try to do what’s best for the whole group. You could bet on the Outright Winner market for the One Day International match between England and South Africa.

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