Cricket Sports Explained: How It Is Played?

This post will guide you on how cricket sports are being played out. Read on for more details.

There are several European and Asian countries where cricket sport is popular. In fact, the birth of this sport is in Europe. However, there are many people who are curious to know the game more closely. Most people who live in a place where cricket is not so popular are more curious about knowing this sport more and more. For those people, I will discuss some of the essential parts and explain how is cricket sports played. So, those who are newbies to this sport, reading this article will get a good idea about the sports and the techniques. Here we go.

How are cricket sports played?

Both the teams in cricket consist of 11 players. An alternate twelfth man may be held as an alternative in case of injury but is not used for other cases. At any given time, the fielding team has all 11 men on the ground, whereas the batting team has 2, called the batters. The batters try to hit the ball after the delivery by the bowler for the fielding team and then switch their positions without getting an out to make runs.

All the positions on the cricket pitch have formal names. The person who bowls is the bowler, and the batter who is facing the bowler is the striker. The other batter, who stands beside the bowler on the far side of the striker, is the non-striker. The fielding team player who stands behind the wickets behind the striker of the field is the wicketkeeper. Other positions in the field have colloquial recognitions, but none are official.

Now there are a few things you should keep in mind about how is cricket sports played.

Pitch & fielders:

You must understand the configuration of the field and pitch. Cricket is played on an oval-shaped, large field. There is a rectangular strip in the middle center, which is called the main pitch. A boundary line should be marked all around the outside of the ground. One batter stands at the end of the pitch, ahead of the bowling crease but behind the popping crease. The bowler also runs from one end of the crease. He starts from behind the bowling crease and bowls to the other end. The batter who is facing the bowler is the striker; the batter at the same end as the bowler is called the non-striker.

The wicketkeeper keeps behind the striker’s stumps and the bowling crease. Their job is to catch the ball that the striker fails or declines to hit. The striker is normally declared out when the wicketkeeper catches a ball successfully after a touch of the bat. The other nine players of the fielding team can stand in any setup if they stay outside the pitch.

The bowler:

The bowler starts his run up behind the bowling crease. He delivers the ball before reaching the popping crease by moving forward. A cricket bowl is always ruled to perform over-the-shoulder, with a straight arm. The ball must bounce one time only on the pitch before reaching the striker. If the bowler breaks the laws for bowling, the delivery will be considered a ‘No-ball.’ Thus, the batting team will get one extra run, and the batter will get one extra ball to play. Similarly, if the delivered ball goes out of the batter’s reach, it will be considered a ‘Wide-ball,’ and the batting team will be awarded an extra run, and the batter will get an extra ball to play.

The batter:

Mainly, you need to know the functions of a batter while going for how is the cricket sports played. The striking batter can hit the ball with the flat side of the cricket bat. There are so many types of strikes known in cricket. Each of them has a different advantage over the others. Once the striker hits the ball, he and the non-striker batter can take a run from end to end of the pitch, exchanging places. One run is earned if both batters run securely to the far side of the pitch. No run is scored if either batter is declared out while trying to reach the other side.

Four runs are awarded if a batter hits the ball out of the boundary and drops at least once on its way. Similarly, six runs will be earned if the ball does not drop before it lands out of the boundaries.


There was a basic idea of how is cricket sports played. So, I hope it will grow your basic knowledge about cricket.

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