When Does Betting Become Allowed for Cricket Sports?

In this post, it answered when betting become allowed for cricket. Read this for full details.

Betting is growing as one of the popular intentions among a huge number of people in the world. Cricket-betting sports are included in the list. Millions of people participate in cricket betting, sitting at home. They invest money and aim to earn a good amount of money on this platform. There are many countries in the world where betting games are not allowed to be played. According to government guidelines, playing sports betting is equal to violating the national regulations in those countries. But there are a few ways via which playing cricket betting games becomes legal. There are many cricket betting lovers in India looking for legal ways to participate and play cricket betting games. This article will clarify all their queries.

Cricket betting sports in India:

Sports betting in the country of India is mostly considered unlawful. The laws of the individual states regulate all other sports betting. India is genuinely attracted to Cricket, which is different from any other nation. Betting on the Indian premier league (IPL) outpaces all other sports betting on major sportsbooks serving the country.

However, online gambling is not allowed in India, but a few entrepreneurs have worked out a way smartly around that. As per Indian Supreme Court rules, a game that requires skill is not unlawful, and considering it, this game is not illegal. So, the entrepreneurs introduced fantasy cricket games in a new form. It is a cricket betting sport that involves skills rather than just chance. The procedure is that you need to create a team, and the players in the team receive points awarded for every run, wicket, catch, etc.

‘Illegal’ betting games:

Most of this legislation needs to understand what exactly is legal and What is not. While bookmarking is illegal, no specific law in India can ban any customer from placing an online bet with a bookmark based outside the country.

On 4th March 2009, the Sikkim Government issued a memorandum naming Sikkim Online Gaming Rules (2009). This specifies the rules and regulations for online gambling licensing within the territory of the state. The Public Gambling Act (1867) is a government law restricting running or overseeing public gambling sources. However, the penalty for not following this law is a fine of Rs.200 or up to 3 months of imprisonment.

Game of Skill vs Game of Chance: loopholes

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has also acknowledged a basic distinction between the ‘game of skill’ and the ‘game of chance.’ According to their explanation, when the game’s outcome is predominantly decided by skill, it is a game of skill. On the other hand, when the outcome is set predominantly by chance, it is a game of chance.

As per Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India, a game of skill where bettors need to use their expertise, knowledge, talent, and strategies to think, analyze, and develop techniques to win is a legal activity. Winning is possible through analysis, judgment, and not just by luck. As a result, cricket betting sports come under the ambit of a skillful full game. Where players need to use their efficiency and knowledge to create fantasy teams.

The courts of India decide the issue. In February 2020, the High Court at Rajasthan termed fantasy sports as a ‘game of skill’ while dismissing the offenses of gambling. In August 2021, the Supreme Court of India upheld the legality of fantasy games as it requires considerable judgment and skill.

Therefore, fantasy cricket sports are a legitimate business in the country and do not come under the Public Gambling Act (1867). According to the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports, India’s first and only self-regulatory Sports Gaming industry council. Games of skill are excluded from the definition of most gambling legislations and therefore are considered legal to participate.

Finale verdict:

There is no law to govern cricket betting in India. In order to protect the public from the ill effects of these acts and to grow transparency. There is a need to make specific laws to regulate gambling and betting activities. But as it is said in the earlier lines, when a fantasy game is claiming your skills on participation, according to court verdicts, it cannot be said as illegal. In recent times, you can see several sites allowing you to brush up your skills while participating in cricket betting sports. A major portion of gambling sites are unsecured and can be the reason for your financial risks. So, choose the sites wisely where you will place your bet.

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