Fast Bowling Delivery Types in Cricket and Its Definition

Learn about the different types of fast bowling deliveries in cricket and what they are in this brief guide. For more detailed information, read this.

Bowling is the basic term of cricket. In comparison, the player can use various types of bowling. However, all types of bowling are essential to winning the match. It is one of the main approaches to bowling in cricket. For a bowler to be successful in cricket, it is essential to know different fast bowling delivery types. However, there are several various variations that a bowler can bowl. In this short guide, you will learn what fast bowling is and the various types of fast bowling deliveries.

Fast Bowling:

Fast bowling means delivering a ball with a speed of roughly 80 and 90 miles per hour. However, these fast bowlers use speed and seam to outfox the batters. It is undoubtedly a big test of reaction speed. A fast bowler takes a long run up and then throws the ball with some serious pace at the batter. There is no doubt that fast bowling delivery is a major weapon to defend the totals. 

It will help to restrict the opponent team within the par score. Additionally, fast bowling works best with the new ball. No other type of bowling can be trusted in the death overs. It is because there are lots of types and variations in fast bowling. Using fast bowling delivery, a bowler can clean bowled the batter right after having set him for short deliveries. So, it is a very important aspect of every team. Here are the common types of fast bowling deliveries.

Pace Ball:

One of the most common types of fastballs is the pace ball. The ball is through with the exclusive speed. The only reason is to confuse the batter and get the wicket. At the same time, the fast bowler can use 90 miles per hour in fast bowling delivery. It is one of the best balls to challenge the batter. The common issue during this type of bowling is the low-air environment. Due to this, the ball mostly moves in a different direction. So, the new batter will struggle, but the expert batter can easily respond.

Leg Cutter:

It is the most [popular fast bowling type. In the leg cutter, the bowler drops the ball by focusing on the leg. One of the reasons for the focus is to cross the ball from the leg to get the wicket. In most cases, the player gets out because they hurry to respond. On the other hand, the batter ignores the ball to keep them self-secure. While in both cases, the bowler benefits because the batter gets out or cannot secure the run. It is also famous as an extra-pace weapon.

Yorker Ball:

It is the most amazing and famous type of fast bowling. In contrast, the delivery of the Yorker ball is possible in the full-pitch situation. However, the situation mostly occurs at the end of the game. The complete surrounding space can cover by the various player. The player is standing to stop the batter from running. They also cover the space to get the instant wicket. Similarly, in an unexpected situation, most batters can though the ball in the upper direction to get a huge amount of run.

Bouncer Ball:

It is short-pitch delivery. In this fast bowling delivery, the ball flows toward the batter’s upper body. As a result, a batter causes out if the ball hits below. However, this fastball type is critical to face for the batter. Most of the time, the batter ignores the ball to keep comfortable.

Slow Ball:

It is a unique type of fast bowling. The slow ball is one of the techniques which fast bowlers perfectly use to confuse the batter. Due to this technique, the batter will confuse and imagine it as the average mode ball. While the ball gets slow after the mid-space; as a result, the batter will out.

Off Cutter:

It considers being a spinner bowling delivery. Off-cutter is also famous as the quick-baller version. At the same time, the ball moves from the off leg. However, the off-leg situation often does not appear for the batter. So, the ball can automatically touch the body of the batter, mostly the elbow touch. The batter easily gets out. Sometimes, the batter gives an excellent response and makes a huge run with this type of fast bowling.


The world is full of cricket fans. It will make it the most popular sport worldwide. While balling is the backbone of cricket. Due to the fast bowling delivery types, bowlers get early wickets. In addition to this, the batters of the opponent team restrict to a low total.

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