How Much Do County Cricket Players Get Paid?

The salary of county cricket players is variable, primarily based on factors such as — experience, track record, and other stats.

Salary of County Cricket Players: Here are the details you must know!

The salary of county cricket players is variable, primarily based on factors such as — experience, track record, and other stats. Also, the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the pay structure. In England and Wales, County cricket players get an average salary between £24,000 to £60,000 based on their age and status in the game.

Younger players at 18 years old in lower-paid contracts get paid £15,000 as a reduced starting wage. Whereas, 24 years old or above get paid £24,000. The ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) acts responsibly, setting the minimum salaries and making sure of the player’s fair payment. Also, it further recommends them to other county clubs.

The salary cap for County cricket: How much is the Salary of County Cricket players?

County cricket salary cap is around £2.4-£3.3 million per season. According to reports, professional cricketer’s salaries vary depending on different county cricket clubs:

  • Surrey County Cricket Club: £33,000–£105,000
  • Leicestershire County Cricket Club: £30,300–£60,000
  • Gloucestershire County Cricket Club: £42,000–£51,000

However, the starting per month salary of county cricket players is $27,800. You need to understand that a cricketer receives more earnings depending on the exposure in different games. Also, there are chances that the pay might rise to $200,000 per month. It completely depends on that particular country’s cricket board.

In England, the average salary of county cricketer players is £24,000. But players in a high position (captain) will earn more than players in lower positions.

For instance, the Yorkshire County Cricket Club states that its county Cricketer’s pay ranges from £42K–£46K in a year. This includes their base salary, bonuses and extra pay.

  • Base Salary: £24,000-£30,000
  • Match Fee: £600-£1500 (Approximately 30 matches per season)
  • Performance Fee: From £0-£1000 based on each game’s performance

It can be worth keeping in mind that the salary cap and collar amounts will surely change over time. For example, there was an agreement for both the collar and the cap to increase over the funding round until 2024

Average Salary of County Cricket Players

County cricket players’ average salary — £24,000 dropped due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The previous base salary — £27,500 decreased in the later years 2020 to 2024.

However, the pay keeps varying based on player stats including experience, skills, position, gameplay, and market value.

Salary Range and Some of its Contract Examples

Sussex County Club’s Cheteshwar Pujara, along with other Pakistani cricket players including — Shaheen Shah Afridi and Muhammad Rizwan, own high earnings of approximately £2.4 million.

However, the average salary of county cricket players ranges from £105k-£204k. Whereas, great proven players earn £150-510k and even more.

Salary of County Cricket Players vs State Cricket Players

County cricketer players, compared to state cricket players, have greatly varying salaries. For instance, England cricketers — Joe Root, Mark Wood, and Jos Buttler signed contracts with salaries of £900,000. As a result, this difference is because of the cricket administration structures. Therefore, it varies at different revenue levels generated in different countries.

Generally, the salary of County cricket players is less compared to International and Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket players.

Salary Caps and Team Budgets

Mostly, salary caps and minimum financial requirements regulate the County teams. In 2019, it was capped at £2m, with £0.75m collar. Further in 2024, it is expected to increase up to £1.5m and £2.5m. As it makes sure about financial fairness levels and sustainability in sport.

Therefore, the county cricket team budgets vary based on factors such as — the team’s financial situation and sports popularity in that particular region. Usually, a High-budget Team will be able to pay higher salaries and attract the best players

International Cricket Salaries Comparisons you need to know

International cricket salaries fluctuate very widely. In Australia, $213,000 is the starting per-year salary for national team players and $1 million for the top players. In India, $100,000 is the average per-year salary for a cricketer and $1 million for top-notch players.

What Is The Salary Of Indian Cricket Players?


The salary of County cricket players is strongly influenced depending on various factors, including — the financial sports health, each player’s performance, and the ability to market themselves.

These salary structures correspond with the cricket financial realities in England and the majority of the international cricket community.

Whereas India does not operate with a county cricket system, it has a well-established nationwide cricket structure.

However, home country leagues including — the Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, well pay the Indian players with per-match fees and yearly contracts from state associations.

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