Learn How To Play Perfect Cricket Shots – A Complete Guide

If you are looking to sharpen up your skills to play perfect cricket shots, then you have landed in the right place.

If you are looking to sharpen up your skills to play perfect cricket shots, then you have landed in the right place. Every cricket lover looks up to the batting legends like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. To become a successful batsman and perfectly play different shots, you must be able to adapt to new techniques. Be it either the standard straight drive or the unique reverse sweep, you can use many ways to score runs in cricket.

By the time you have read this article thoroughly, you will have clarity on how to face every ball, and perhaps you can dominate bowlers on the field. Let us look at the different types of cricket shots which can make you a champion batsman.

DEFENCE SHOTS: The Lifesaver Technique

Do you know why Defence is known as a lifesaver technique? Imagine when the team is running out of wickets, you are the only hope, and when you have to just hold on the field and not get out. Exactly that is when the defence technique becomes a lifesaver.

Here are some of the defence shots that you must know:

  • Back Foot defence
  • Leave
  • Front Foot defence
  • Duck
  • Forward defence

STRIKING SHOTS: The Run Scorer Technique

It is the Cricket King Virat Kohli’s signature technique of striking shots, which is popularly known as the Flick Shot. It is a brilliant use of the wrists to rapidly divert the ball from your legs and hit it towards the boundary.

Imagine if you had to chase the runs of the opponent team just within a few overs! Using these striking shots can let you take the best advantage of the field. However, you must analyse the bowling pattern and should have had a good practice of these techniques.

Here are some of the striking shots that you must know:

  • Cover Drive
  • Straight Drive
  • Square Cut Shot
  • Flick
  • Pull Shot
  • Sweep
  • Slog Sweep

UNORTHODOX SHOTS: Unusual and Unique Technique

Do you remember Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar’s popular Ramp Shot? It is one of these unorthodox techniques that he used against Brett Lee’s bouncer bowling where the ball travels above the wicketkeeper’s head, crossing the boundary. Probably till then, none of us might have seen such shots and this unorthodox shot gained immense popularity in cricket. Especially, we could see many players adapting these shots in short-format games like the T20 or IPL.

Then comes MS Dhoni’s most popular unorthodox shot which is popularly known as the Helicopter Shot, that brings out a big roar in the stadium.

Here are some of the unorthodox shots that you must know:

  • Ramp Shot
  • Scoop Shot
  • Switch Hit
  • Reverse Sweep
  • Helicopter Shot

Tips to Play Perfect Cricket Shots

Although practice is important, you also have to follow a few tips that will allow you to play various cricket shots with perfection.

● Head Positioning

It is very influential to observe your head movements, as it controls your balancing position in the same line as the ball, allowing you to play many impactive shots.

● Focus with deliberateness

You must remember not to slow down abruptly. At the same time, you must make sure that your shot will not exceed the maximum shot rate.

● Continue to use a horizontal bat

Maintaining a horizontal batting positioning will let you play the cut. Also, the shot will travel squarer, being useful for many formats of cricketing.

● Maintain your position tall

To be able to remain on the top of a bounce ball, you need to have a balanced standing position. When you are firm on the ground and have a proper stance, you will have all the best chances of facing the ball with perfect shots.

● Keeping a good balance

You need to maintain a good balance at the crease. You must remember to keep your head forward into the line of the ball. Also, your hands should be moving towards the targeted area that you have been aiming for.

Which shot to play on which ball?

Here are some of the specialized shots that you can play on specific types of balls:

  • Good Length Off stump: Play Defence Shot.
  • Pitched Up Off stump: Drive it.
  • Too Short Off Stump: Pull it.
  • Outside Off Stump: Play a Square Cut or Slash it on the front foot side.
  • Middle or Leg Stump: Use the Hook and Pull technique.
  • Front Foot: Play the full-length delivery.
  • Off Stump or Outside: Use off-drive or straight drive.
  • Leg Stump or Outside: Use the Sweep Shot.

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If you admire your favourite cricketer’s batting shots, and you too want to play a perfect cricket shot, then practising it can improve your craft. The legendary batsmen — Cricket God, Cricket King, Captain Cool and Hitman that we are talking about today, once started as newbie beginners. It was their commitment to their passion and dedication that has brought them to perfection.

However, just Practising wouldn’t bring perfection, you need to spend time analysing different pitch conditions, and different bowling techniques and most importantly keep your passion lasting forever.

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