Method of Dismissal in Cricket | A Brief Guide

The following information is all about the method of dismissal in cricket. Read this to find them out.

While watching a cricket game, we occasionally come across an extraordinary method in which a batsman gets dismissed. Cricket dismissal occurs when the batsman’s period is bought to an end by the opposite team. Otherwise, it is said that the batsman is out, with the batting team losing a wicket and the opposing team gaining a wicket. Dismissals play a significant role in any cricket match and are pivotal to the overall result.

Types of Cricket dismissal:

There were originally 11 of them, but as the laws of cricket changed, there are ten ways to get out in cricket as of 2023.


This bowled method of cricket dismissal comes under Law 32 in the Laws of cricket. The batter is dismissed if his stumps are put down by the ball thrown by the bowler of the rival team. The batsman is not considered bowled out if the ball touches the other player, umpire, bat, gloves, or any part of the batter before putting down the wicket.


This catching method of dismissal comes under the Cricket Laws of 33. If the batter hits the ball with the bat and the ball is caught by the bowler himself. Or any other fielder of the opposing team, then the batsman is dismissed by caught or caught.

Run Out

The Runout method of cricket dismissal comes under Law 38 of the Laws. The batsman is dismissed at any time while the ball is in play, or the person is grounded behind the popping crease, and the opposite side puts down his wicket.

Leg before Wicket

This leg-before-wicket method of outcomes is under the 36th Law of Cricket. If the fielding side appeals to the umpire, it may rule the batsman out LBW if the ball struck the wicket but was instead intercepted by any part of the batsman’s body.


The stamping method of dismissal comes under the 39th of the Laws of Cricket. The action of stumping can be done only by the wicketkeeper. The batter is said to be stumped from a valid delivery. The wicketkeeper put down the batsman’s wicket while out of his ground and not attempting the Run.


The batsman may retire from his innings when the ball is dead, and he can be replaced by the other teammate yet to be dismissed. This method of retirement comes under Law 25 of the Laws of cricket.

Hit the ball twice

This method of hitting the ball twice comes the Law 34 of the Laws of Cricket. It is also popular as ‘Double-Hit’. The batsman is considered out while the ball is in play, and if it strikes any part of the batter’s body. Or if the ball is struck by the bat before the bowler or fielder has touched the ball. If the batsman strikes the ball wilfully again with the bat, other than a hand not holding the bat except to guard the batter’s wicket.

Obstructing the Field

The method of obstructing the field dismissal comes under the 37th of the Laws of Cricket. This process says the batter can be given out if he intentionally attempts to distract or obstruct the fielders by action or word. This method is a rare way the dismissing the batsman.

Hit Wicket

This method of hit wicket dismissal comes under the Law 35 of Laws in cricket. If the batsman, while trying to hit the ball, knocks the bail of the stumps, uproots the stumps, or takes off for a run, his dismissal is called the hit wicket.

Timed Out

This timed outcome method is under Law 40 of the Laws of cricket. The incoming batter must be in a position and be ready to face the ball within 3 minutes of the breakdown of the previous stump. If the batsman does not follow this condition, it is timed out dismissal.

Finishing lines:

Cricket dismissals are an essential part of the game. It is vital to understand them. The laws of cricket can be complex, but these are pivotal to gameplay and will enhance a viewer’s understanding and enjoyment if studied. However, the dismissal in cricket will be gained by one team and lost to the other team. Therefore, there will be a chance for other players to show off their talents by batting and bowling. A dismissal of a valuable cricket at a crucial moment can impact the scoreboard.

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