One-Day International: What Is This Cricket Format?

This post will go over and explain to you what is one-day international cricket format, so keep reading.

Are you a cricket lover? Well, I guess on the right article. Here we will be discussing the One-Day International format. In these kinds of formats, it is involved with one innings matches in 50 overs. 

In these 50-overmatches have developed and organized the Champions trophy and delivered other such matches for the players. Therefore, in all the possible cases One-Day International is all fixed up. It covers 50 overs and is contested with 22 players.

Rules of One-Day International Playing Format:

This kind of cricket format can bring out and show how able the players are. They also represent the bowler to bowl movements without taking out the wickets. Therefore, in all the possible ways it can deliver the proper formats of the players and represent the proper functions. Through these years One-Day International has brought major changes and delivered other perceptions of the game plots. 

Here the bowlers are restricted to bowling at 10 overs maximum. Therefore, each of the teams is composed of five competent bowlers and dedicated bowlers all-rounder. The batting team consists of dealing with the target score and winning the match. The number of runs that will be estimated is to equalize with the losses of the second team.

One-Day International lies down on one side of the innings. Therefore, it is contrasted with the test match and lasts up to 5 days in a row. In the case of short innings, the batsman is secured on the way to achieving a competitive score.

The most basic thing about One-Day International is,

  • The batsman can score runs more quickly
  • Wickets can fall off with quicker succession and have increased risks
  • The audience can create a vibrant atmosphere during the match

New rules for One-Day International:

Time-out rule:

In any case, if the player comes out then the fourth coming batsman will be taking over the guard from the empire. Within 3 minutes the play will be given to the forthcoming batsman and declared out.

No appealing no out:

Here if the batsman gets out from LBW and is caught from behind then the fielding team will not appeal for any kind of out. In that case, the batsman will not be given out and it is under the appeal. On a serious note, the appeal is under the regulation of ICC rule number 27.

Returning the ball to the fielder:

In any case, the batsman is out during the match, and while using the bat or any part the person returns the ball the fielder can give him consent at any cost. The former rules are perceived to maintain the balance and integrity of the game.

Managing Out:

On this kind of run, if the bowler releases the ball without preparation, then it is attempted to be a runout. Therefore, the non-strikers and strikers come on delivering the creases of the ball before the delivery.

Shot playing time:

This occurs on a note where the bowler is ready to throw the ball at the perfect side. Therefore, the batsman now is steady to strike on the ball for a good point. In any case, if the batsman is not ready to play on the shot, then he is given the first warning.

But again, if it occurs the same then the umpire will be authorizing the more 5 runs to the fielding team.

Disturbing the batsman:

In One-Day international games, we have observed certain fights prevailing from the teams. If any incident happens where the fielder disturbs the batsmen before the shot ball, then the fielder can declare the ball dead. By the umpire, the extra 5 runs will be awarded to the batting team.

The other thing that comes out in the case of ODI is the trial regulation. Therefore, the former regulation highlights the parts inscribing the substitution rule and its replacement of the player. The teams will be nominated with the help of a toss.


The One-day international games are fun to watch and the experience is tremendous. Usually, these types of games are filled with thrills and lots of twists. However, there are several rules for this type of cricket format. It must be checked with complete ease that these international spheres need to be well maintained and for all the players to maintain discipline.

Cricket for some people is an art and place to worship and therefore without hurting any kind of sentiment, it must be maintained well. Therefore, the games and their ways of dealing with the rules must be perceived well.

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