What Are the Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets?     

Read this short post to know the most popular cricket betting markets that are available today.

Cricket betting markets are quite popular among investors who wager on these markets. With several top competitions to bet on, it is quite easy for some bettors to get lost in unprofitable options. Some of the most common betting options available offer great value, but these markets could be difficult to profit from without guidance.

Let’s check out some of the most popular betting markets in cricket and what each option has to offer.

Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets

10+ cricket betting markets are very popular right now. Check out these options and what each one entails below:

1. 1 X 2

The 1 X 2 is one of cricket’s most popular betting markets. This option allows bettors to wager on whether the victory will go to Team 1, Team 2, or if the match will end in a draw. Choosing 1 or 2 means you have selected either Team 1 or 2 to win the cricket match. Selecting X means you believe the game will end in a tie.

2. DNB

In Draw No Bet (DNB), investors get to choose a team they believe has a higher chance of winning. The DNB option secures a refund if the bettor’s choice ends in a tie. DNB is not the same as 1X or X2 and offers more value than Win or Draw betting markets.

3. Toss 1 or 2

Choose who wins the toss at the initial stages of any cricket match between Team 1 or 2.

4. Player to Score a Century

Select a player you believe will score a century in the cricket match.

5. Top Runs Scorer

As the name implies, top runs scorer allows you to choose a player from both teams you believe will secure more batting points than other cricketers. Top runs scorer options are also available for either side. Some top betting platforms also allow cricket bettors to invest in multiple top-runs scorer options through bet builders.

6. Top Wicket Taker

The Top Wicket Taker option gives you a chance to choose a player from both teams who could end up collecting more wickets than other cricketers. Some top cricket bet platforms also allow bettors to choose the top wicket-taker from each team in separate wagers.

7. First Wicket

Players can choose the team most likely to take their first wicket in a cricket tie. In most cases, First Wicket is a pre-match bet, but you can still find some live bets that offer this feature during unique games.

8. Man of the Match

Select who wins the most valuable player in a cricket match. It is usually a valuable option in high-level cricket games.

9. Total Match Boundary

Pick the total number of boundaries you believe will be scored during a cricket match.

10. Series Outright Win

The Series Win option means you have chosen either Team 1 or Team 2 to win a cricket series. Series Outright win bets are more valuable, especially when two cricket teams with equally-matched players are involved.

11. Series DNB

The Series DNB option means a team will either win the multi-game tie or get a refund with a draw. For example, series DNB will give you instant refunds if a 4-game series ends in a 2-2 tie.

Which Cricket Betting Markets Should You Invest In?

Always be keen to consider several elements before placing your bets on any cricket market. Follow these tips to get more value for your investment from the most popular cricket bet options:

Markets you know

Knowledge about the betting market is essential if you want to invest and make profits from cricket and other sports. Get information about teams, leagues, significant events, and other details about your preferred betting market. Amassing such information makes it easy to wager bets on markets and rake in good profits over time.

Markets with a proven track record

Games with an impressive track record of churning out predictable outcomes are great markets to bet on. However, these games could offer significantly lower value than games with a higher chance of going either way.

Markets that offer value

Only bet on markets that guarantee value for money. There is no point in betting on markets that offer no value or have greater chances of a loss. Research is important here if you plan to make anything from your betting adventure.

Markets with safeguards

In cricket, DNB and series DNB are two of the most popular betting markets with valuable safeguards. Both options give you a chance to keep your money if a team you tipped to win ends their game in a tie. Series DNB also returns great safety value if you plan to invest in an in-form team to win a multi-game tour.

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